Learn/ Practice Tarot


Tarot is an ancient spiritual practice that has been around for generations upon generations. It is one of many divination tools that Wise Women, High Priestess’ and other Spiritual, Energyworkers across many cultures have utilized to receive guidance from Source, Ancestors and Spirit Guides.ย  There are some who feel deeply connected to the Tarot even though they may not be consciously aware of the reason. There are many of us who have incarnated into this lifetime to faciltiate healing work, some use tarot as one of their healing tools and some do not.



PRACTICE READING TAROT IN THE PARK. Let’s meet in the park and practice pulling tarot cards for one another. We’ll also practice some common tarot card spreads and some “tricks of the trade” during our 2 hour session. Prepaid Fee: $20 / per person. PREREGISTER HERE!ย 

4 WEEK TAROT FOR BEGINNERS ONLINE CLASS. If you’re someone who feels very connected to tarot or oddly interested in learning more about tarot, check out the landing page for details on my upcoming Tarot for Beginners Class! Enroll today for as little at $50 per class (4 class minimum) and begin your journey as an intuitive tarot reader (even if you’re only reading for yourself)!