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According to Khamatic tradition, ancient khamatics weighed the heart against a feather to determine the quality of a soul

The Moment I knew I Didn’t Know S#@% About Sex!

A little over two years ago a sister-friend of mine recommended that my Lover and I take some time to read a book called Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide to Sexual Healing written by K. Akua Gray. She insisted that we read it as soon as possible and even emphasized how few pages there were in the book. At the time, I can admit that I didn’t quite understand the significance of “holistic sexuality” or “sexual healing” for that matter. Theidea of sacred sex was confusing because of my Christian upbringing. I wondered to myself if sacred sex was the same as waiting until you’re married to have sex (as I was raised to believe in Christian Church). I had questions and lots of them!