Setup Your Online Business Office

Deneen Tyler BA MDiv, CEO

In 2015, Deneen started a Virtual Assistant Business called “DTyler Consulting Services & Virtual Assistance” and for 3 years that was her primary business.

However, somewhere around 2018 Deneen decided to focus her energy on growing and scaling Woman1sh Intuition LLC.

If you’re a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner or a professional in the Health and Wellness Industry and you have the budget and the intention to outsource your back office, admin needs then this is for you!

Deneen and her team will support you by setting up, personalizing and automating your Wellness business’ administrative processes. This will ensure that even if you’re just starting out, you have the strong, online presence needed to reflect a credible business brand.

LET US: Setup, Customize and Automate your Emails, Invoices, Appointments and Your Kajabi Platform!

$500 Flat Rate w/ $25 Planning Session

Choose any 3:

  • Email setup, customization, automation (Gmail)
  • Appointment Scheduler setup, customization, automation (Calendly)
  • Invoice setup (PayPal)
  • Social Media setup, customization, automation of linktree links —-(2 platforms only: Instagram, Facebook) – this does not include content creation t)

$1000 Flat Rate Fee w/ $25 Planning Session

Includes everything in $500 package PLUS:

  • Setup, customization and automation on KAJABI platform
  • Richmond, VA Photographer for 3 brand photos

Virtual Assistant options may be available at a higher price point, ask about this during your planning call if interested!

Why Set up an Online Business Office?

#1 – Gives you the freedom to work from ANYWHERE if you have an electronic device/smartphone and wifi

#2- You reach more potential customers with an online presence, making it easier for potential customers to engage with your brand (i.e. learn about your offerings, read reviews, stalk your social media platforms to gain familiarity)

#3- Lower overhead costs: monthly expenses are way less when it comes to operating an online business versus when it comes to operating a brick and mortar. This should make it easier to launch your business since there are less fewer start up costs with an online office.

Schedule your planning session today to GET STARTED!