Work with Me


Our paths crossed for a reason and if you’re even considering partnering with me on your healing journey then that means you know that I’m equipped and ready to support you through whatever unfolds.  Take a moment to consider each question on this form to deterine whether you are ready and committed to do what it takes to create wellness and balance within. I’m ready when you are!

After submitting this form, you will receive an email outlining the details of the “Heal thy Cellph” program I facilitate with all clients. My program is geared towards increasing your awareness of Spiritual Healing Arts, as well as, educating you on the ways you can begin to incorporate Spiritual Healing Arts into your daily routine to promote emotional, mental and physical balance.  Details that will be outlined after you submit this form include the minimum number of sessions required  in order to participate and the amount of the prepaid financial investment required to begin.  As always, I look forward to holding space for you.