Self-care Sistar Community


This is an online space filled with women who are committed to practicing self care/self love.  This community space includes:

  • Micro lessons on selfcare/self healing
  • Weekly tarot readings/insight, prerecorded
  • Monthly New/Full Moon ~ LIVE events called “Tarot Pop Up” – You ask a question, I pull tarot cards
  • Supportive siSTARS from different “walks of life” !

THE BELIEF.  We heal ourselves, others do not. It is our responsibility and within our power to heal ourselves. By raising our consciousness level and reconnecting to our power source (which some call “God/dess”,  “Inner Being”, “Higher Self”, “The Infinite I”, “the Divine”, “Mother/Father Creator”, etc.) we become equipped with the inner knowing needed to create healing (energy balance) within every are of our lived experience. Spiritual healing arts (which include energy/chakra clearing, tarot, astrology, and more) will often be at the core of what we are learning about and practicing within this online community as we learn how to heal from the core of our being (which is our energy body). Using spiritual healing arts will reconnect us to our intuitive guidance system which will then give us clarity regarding which non-spiritual methods of wellness we need to align with to support the healing of our mind, emotions, physical body, finances, etc. There are many professionals out here in the non-physical world who are extremely important to our wellness (i.e. Therapists, medical professionals, financial teachers, mental health practitioners, and more) but there are also non traditional healing facilitators like herbalists,  yogi instructors, and intuitive who are important for well rounded treatment. Its up to you to decide what you need to align with in order to be well.


DISCLAIMER: All messages or readings facilitated by Woman1sh Intuition LLC or Deneen Tyler are intuitively divined and are not meant to take the place of professional medical, mental health or legal advice. Messages are purposed to add insight into your specific situation(s), however, when all is said and done it is up to you to rely on your highest intuition (which are your emotions) to decide how you will respond to the messages shared. The power to determine the final outcome lies with you, and you alone. By choosing to become a subscriber you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree with the disclaimers published at