Life Purpose Session

Life Purpose Session

This session is for those who are seeking clarity and insight on their life purpose/path. This session is designed for those who are wanting to know “why did I incarnate into this life, at this time? what am I supposed to DO?” During this session we will utilize your astrological birth chart, your numerology report and a tarot reading to help you gain clarity on the path YOU BELIEVE you are supposed to take during this lifetime.

Your astrological birth chart will tell you the precise location of the planets at the time of your birth.  Ancient wisdom suggests that the human spirit mirrors the universe; as above so below, as within so without. So, as we sit together and review your birth chart you will be encouraged to create narratives with the information you receive and make bold observations about what YOU BELIEVE  is your path. We each hold the codes (answers ) to our life.

Numerology is the study of numbers and just like astrology and tarot (and other divination system that exists) we gain deep insight into ourselves and this world through the study of specific numbers.  According to numerology, your life is effected by your birth date, your birth name and many other factors effecting you on an indivdiual basis. During your session, you and I will review your numerology report together and you will be given an opportunity to highlight any important observations that stand out to you. Through your intuitive knowing, you will be led to a deeper understanding of you and your life path.


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