As you reflect on the past several months of this 2019 earth year, you might notice that life is starting to look VERY DIFFERENT for you compared to the last several years. Things have transformed in a really significant way as each of us navigate through wave after wave of RELEASING AND PURGING old energy, old relationships, old emotions, old thoughts, old traditions, etc.  As we wrap up this 2019 and prepare for the 2020 Astrology (which is bringing in massive shifts that our planet has not experienced in over 35 years) we need to begin to establish spiritual wellness practices that help us to create more balance and more alignment with our higher self! Hence, this 2019 LET SHIT GO challenge! WATCH VIDEO BELOW!

This challenge is for you if you need support with: 

  • HOW TO  actually let shit go!
  • HOW TO live without clinging to things or people or outcomes
  • HOW TO obtain peace and freedom
  • HOW TO realize your truth
  • HOW TO hold a high vibration
  • HOW TO release what weighs you down emotionally
  • HOW TO release what clutters your mental space
  • HOW TO master your mind, thoughts, and mental space, in general


#1- INVEST IN YOURSELF – $14 for 30 Days

Rule 1 is a challenge all by itself! The YOUniverse will respond to your investment of energy (time, money, thoughts, emotions and actions)…wherever you invest these areas of your energy is where the YOUniverse will send help and resources for expansion/growth.


Again, how you focus and invest your thoughts, emotions and actions will communicate to the YOUniverse that you’re either seriously manifesting some change or not serious abou tit. Words alond don’t communicate a clear message to the YOUniverse. COmmit daily. Work on that shit every dame day!


Posting to social media is optional but also encouraged as you complete each daily challenge. Help me track the posts by including #LetShitGo2019 to each post.


Keeping track of your experiences and your insights by recording your thoughts each day. This is both meditation and reflection AND this matters most once you’ve experienced your first few “breakthroughs” and are able to look back and reflect on your journey.

#5- Leave a comment on a daily posts/thread in Patreon.