How Does Deneen Use Tarot Card Readings?

Two words: Divination Tool

Tarot Cards can be used for the purpose of communicating and more specifically obtaining messages from above (or from within depending on how you look at it). Some believe that the messages actually stem from within the Seeker; traveling from the subconscious to the conscious during the tarot reading session and bringing back to the Seekers awareness what they already intuitively know.

Some other Common Divination Tools that are often used by others:

  1. Astrology
  2. Aura/Energy Reading
  3. Numerology
  4. Oracle Cards
  5. Palmistry
  6. Pendulum
  7. Runes
  8. Spirit Boards

What I don’t do with Tarot?

  • I don’t use Tarot for fortune-telling.
  • I don’t use Tarot as some party trick.
  • I don’t use Tarot to spy on ex or current lovers.
  • I most certainly don’t use Tarot to practice any negative and/or demonic witchcraft.

I don’t use Tarot to give quick “yes” or “no” answers. Unfortunately if you’re looking for quick answers like these, I’m not going to be the right Tarot Reader for you.

What I do use Tarot for?

  • For spiritual exploration/consultation
  • To identify patterns in behavior and themes within Seekers life
  • To gain insight into underlying issues leading to current problems
  • To learn more about past circumstances leading up to present issues
  • To assist Seekers with unblocking their chakras to allow them to attract and manifest what they desire