About Deneen

“I use tarot divination to help you locate and release mental and emotional blockages”    ~Deneen

Meet: Deneen Tyler BA, MDiv. | Spiritual Wellness Practitioner &  Tarot Diviner

“It’s always been about human behavior and Spirituality for me” 

Before tarot reading was even “on my radar” as a possible method for divining messages or helping people deal with their past trauma, I received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology and went on to work as an in home mental health professional providing therapeutic intervention to at risk youth and their families. My role was to prevent out of home placement by providing therapeutic intervention within the home to help reduce unwanted behaviors/symptoms that stemmed from diagnosis such as major depression, oppositional defiant disorders, ADHD, and other Axis I diagnosis. Likewise, I provided Mental Health Skillbuiding support to adults diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia to help them address any thing that might interere with them remaining consistent with their treatment recommendations and with their optimal well being. I also worked as a Crisis Stabilization Professional where my primary role was to prevent rehospitalization (psychiatric hospitalization) for those who were diagnosed with an Axis I diagnosis, had a recent history of suicidal ideation/attempts and who also had a history of a recent psychiatric hospitalization.

In addition, to my experience in the mental health field, I also went on to obtain a Masters of Divinity in preparation for (what I thought would be) a career working at either a mental health agency or working in “the church”.  My plan was to become a christian based minister/spiritual Counselor but life led me away from the traditional church,  in a very serendipitous kind of way in 2013 (the year I graduated seminary). I continued to work within the mental health field after separating from the church and to seek practical ways to keep my Spirit connected to Source Energy\ God.  As of 2018, I have about  11 years of experience working as a Mental Health Professional and roughly 3-4 years devoted to honing my skills in the area of Divination to include divining/discerning messages from Spirit, facilitating group healing sessions and utilizing tarot readings to tap into your aura for energy alignment, identifying energy blockages and ways to release resistant energy, to name a few areas.  As I learn, I teach and I consider myself to be a lifetime student so I remain open to learning more about the spiritual nature that influences our human experience, here on Earth. “Lost” knowledge is being unlocked on an ongoing basis.

“I ‘opened to Spirit’ in search of answers/healing and  I attracted numerology, astrology and tarot”

It was May 2017 and I’d accepted a 30 day yoga challenge from my cousin , I had no idea at that time that yoga would lead me on a path towards tarot. I was in search of something spiritual, something helpful. I’d made the decision to leave my Christian church in 2013 and had come to the conclusion that I would not be returning…to any church, anytime soon.  I was also on my own healing journey and seeking answers to some questions that were deeply rooted in years of unresolved pain/ woundedness. As I began practicing yoga more consistently (well after the 30 day challenge ended) I began to “open to spirit: more and more and eventually began to unlock knowledge of all types of mystical, spiritual practices. It felt like an answer to my prayers because I was in need of something that I once connect to within the church/ my faith community.

Somewhere around September 2017 I discovered numerology (no, I don’t remember how, it kind of just happened). Almost immediately after, I remember purchasing my first numerology book called Messages in Numbers By Alana Fairchild and attempting to read through every single number combination mentioned (not a simple task). I also remember moving into my dream living space, apartment number 1111, which was super exciting (for all my numerology nerds the 1 with 1 combination means big energy and very well supported by universe). So, I interpreted this as a sign that I should continue to “open to spirit” and remain open to all that appeared to be unfolding.

In February 2018, as I continued to develop my spiritual practices and technique, I was presented with the opportunity to participate in a 4 week tarot reading course for beginners… I jumped at the opportunity and truly had no idea why.  But it felt right so I went with it! I hurried to my local bookstore and purchased the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck which was required for the class and then I went and paid for the course. I didn’t know what I would do with tarot at that time but my plan was to attend the class and soak up all of the information I could (I’m a Gemini so to say that information is important is an understatement). It felt aligned!

Also in February 2018, I started another 12 week spiritual journey this one focused on healing the deep-rooted issues of my past;  and then in March 2018 I signed up for yet another course that further equipped me for the role I was beginning to understand was my life path/purpose which was the role of a “Healer” (or Healing Facilitator, I prefer to say). My intuition was being activated and strengthened with each course I completed.

From the first night of my Tarot Reading Course something inside of me stirred and I just found myself consumed with this uncontrollable urge to learn more about tarot. After a few months of studying (entirely too much) I began to see the connection between Tarot Card readings, numerology, astrology and spirituality.  Something inside of me had awakened! My third eye  had been opened!

Today as I continue on my journey towards sharpening my skills as an intuitive reader my goal is to provide deeply insightful readings for those seeking to gain understanding of their karmic patterns, their life purpose and the spiritual path they need to take towards living a life that is “in flow” with their natural state of balance.

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How did I go from pursuing a career as a Christian Counselor to a Tarot Reader? Watch to find out! – Deneen Tyler BA MDiv.