Host a Tarot Event

Host a Tarot Event…Ill Bring the Tarot!

Ideas for Events You Could Host:

  • Parties
  • Entertainment (Night Life) Events at Restaurants
  • Witchy, woo woo get-togethers
  • Spiritual Wellness events
  • Full Moon Fire burning ceremony’s / rituals
  • New Moon Intention Setting  ceremony’s rituals
  • Sistar Circle Meeting
  • Instagram LIVES/Facebook LIVES
  • Online classes, workshops, etc.
  • and more

My Offerings:

  • Collective/ Group tarot reading
  • Mini Personal (1 on 1) tarot readings (15 min readings per person)

How Much:

If you’re the type of host who wants to gift your guests with a free reading or a free tarot divination experience, here are the two options currently available:  (1) online event= $95.00 per hour and (2) local, face to face event= $100.00 per hour

If you’re the type of host who prefers that your guests pay for their own readings, I can provide 15 minute mini tarot readings for $20 per guest (for up to 3 hours).

*all face to face events require a minimum of 2 hours to book reader. Events lasting longer than 2 hours may be eligible for a reduced rate. CONTACT DENEEN to discuss your specific event details.
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