Host a Tarot Event

Host a Tarot Event…Ill Bring the Tarot!


Set up a space for Tarot Readings at any of these events:

  • Parties
  • Entertainment (Night Life) Events at Restaurants
  • Witchy, woo woo get-togethers
  • Spiritual Wellness events
  • Full Moon Fire burning ceremony’s / rituals
  • New Moon Intention Setting  ceremony’s rituals
  • Sistar Circle Meeting
  • Instagram LIVES/Facebook LIVES
  • Online classes, workshops, etc.
  • Girls night
  • Friendsgiving
  • Galentine’s events
  • and more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

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Q- What are the prices/fees involved?

A-  The standard hourly rate is $100 per hour. To reserve a specific day and time, the reservation fee is $100.00 which is due at the time of reservation. 

Must have at least 4-6 interested guests prior to booking.


Q- Does the host pay or do the guests pay?

A – After satisfying the invoice for the reservation fee ($100) Hosts have the option to then allow guests to pay $20 per person for 1-3 card mini Tarot Readings (roughly 10-15 mins readings)       OR

Host can choose to absorb the cost of the Mini Readings for each guest and just pay $100 per hour allowing guests to receive FREE Readings at the event. 

Prices may vary depending on the number of guests expected to attend/receive receiving (more guests = more energy for Readings which may equal more compensation). 

Must have at least 5-7 interested guests prior to booking.

All fees are non refundable but rescheduling is ABSOLUTELY  welcome.


Q- Can Tarot events be hosted virtually, via ZOOM app or other video conferencing apps?

A- Abso-freaking- lutely!! Since the pandemic, I’ve transitioned almost all of my offerings to virtual ~ to support social distancing.


Q- What does the group reading include? What do the individual readings include? 

A-Usually when I host group readings the group will arrive, clear their energy then I would “read” cards for the entire group (no questions required and no individual messages per se). The group reading would pick up themes that the group is experiencing or sometimes the tarot cards help me pick up on messages for whomever energy is strongest (we never know until the reading begins).  If a message is addressing your specific life situation (or your inner questions that you’ve been pondering recently) you can let the group know or you can just listen to the message without identifying yourself.

With individual/personal readings (where everyone gets focused attention on their specific energy or their specific question/topic) I ask that you identify at least one question that you’ve been pondering so that we can focus on divining as much guidance and insight as we can for that question/topic.
Common questions asked:
1. What’s the energy surrounding my relationship (romantic,  platonic, business, etc.)..
2. What’s the energy around me choosing to leave this situation ?
3. What’s the energy around me choosing to stay in this situation ?
4. What’s blocking me emotionally?
5. What’s blocking me mentally?
6. What’s going on ?
7. What messages do I need to hear right now?
*all face to face events require a minimum of 2 hours to book reader. Events lasting longer than 2 hours may be eligible for a reduced rate. CONTACT DENEEN to discuss your specific event details.

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