Guided Meditation

“Meditation is a tool that allows us to “still the waters” of the mind long enough to see our true reflection and meet the (higher) Self that resides within. There are a multitude of meditation techniques. They all share the goal of moving us closer to liberation, closer to knowledge of oneness, closer to unity with our Creator. ”¬† ~Caroline Arewa | Opening To Spirit


Guided Monday Meditation will take place via YouTube every monday; meditations will focus on setting positive intentions for the day and for the work week. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel at Woman1sh Intuition to receive notification of scheduled meditations and reminders! Meditation will be 15-20 minutes long. During each meditation we will concentrate our mental energy and emotional energy on clearing negative energy from each of the seven major chakras.

Tune in for however long you have available, even if its only for a few minutes. Tune into the meditation while you’re getting dressed for work in the morning or find a quiet place where you wont be distracted and then tune in! Live meditations will be made available for replay.