Group Tarot in the Park


“You bring a blanket and Ill bring the Tarot!” ~Deneen |Woman1sh Intuition LLC

PRICE: $30.00 per person (50% off regular 1 hr readings!! Half the price, more time). Private group readings available, all private event requests to be emailed to 


ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Deneen! the Spiritual Wellness Practitioner and Educator of Spiritual Healing Arts at Woman1sh Intuition LLC . My formal education includes a BA in Psychology and a MDiv. with over 10 years experience in the Mental Health Industry and over 5 years honing my Divination skills. I’m an Intuitive Tarot Reader who utilizes the tarot to raise the consciousness level of those seeking spiritual guidance. I use tarot to bring to your awareness any negative thoughts, emotions or habits that might be keeping you “stuck” in the past or current situation. Once the patterns are bought to your awareness, you have the choice in how you move forward in consciously creating your reality. Tarot divination is an ancient spiritual practice that is rooted in multiple cultures and practiced across diverse spiritual/religious disciplines, all are welcome. Click here to read more about me!

WHAT WE’LL DO: We’ll meet at Byrd Park and set up our blankets or yoga mats in a space that is located near the tree’s. We’ll light incense and maybe burn some sage leaves to help support the creating of a sacred space while also taking time to relax and allow for all participants to arrive.
Next we’ll create space for open discussion about how the tarot works, origins of the tarot, and any questions attendees might have about tarot divination. The rest of the time will be devoted to pulling tarot cards and divining messages that are needing to be bought forth through interpretation of the tarot cards pulled.
Questions are welcomed throughout the entire experience.

WHERE WE’LL BE: We are meeting at Chimborazo Park located at 3215 E. Broad Street  Richmond, VA 23223.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: These are group tarot meanings and they are promoted on “AIR BNB  Experience” which means there will be other attendees present who you may not already know. Please don’t feel obligated to acknowledge or share any confidential or personal details during the reading.  Only share as much as you feel comfortable. Personal/private readings should be scheduled for a  more private, one on one session.


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