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Before you finish reading this post, I hope to have convinced you that Tarot is truly for Everyone, not just for those who identify as a “witch” or those who practice “dark magic”! Also, I’ve created a free 75 masterclass for those of you who are still “on the fence” about whether Tarot is a method you want to begin to use to strengthen your intuitive, inner knowing. Click the link below to get access to this free class.

Yes, I Want to Attend! 

I was raised in “the church” so tarot and even playing “regular cards” was a huge “no! no!”.

Tarot had a “bad rep”.

Those within my faith community rarely even spoke about tarot, it was like an unwritten rule.

I got the impression that tarot was associated with “dark magic” and “devil/demonic worship” and all of those spooky stories that we often associate with practices that are “not of the Light”. They  spooked me too, initially. I didn’t even give tarot a real thought … until recently.

It wasn’t until 2016/2017 when I gave myself permission to explore the deeply mysterious yet spiritual world of tarot.

It started out as regular curiosity.

Then, that curiosity led me to sign up for a local tarot course, at a local crystal bookshop.

I  was shocked at how quickly I picked it up.

I was amazed at how familiar tarot reading felt, it was as if I was remembering something that I once knew; as if I’d been a Tarot Reader in a past life. The “dots” were connecting so quickly; I couldn’t tell if I was remembering things or just learning the concepts quickly.

Despite the rush of emotion, I felt as I awakened to this new ability of mine, I also remember feeling quite overwhelmed at how much information there was for me to memorize.

I remember thinking to myself “78 cards!?!” How will I ever remember them all?

And “Major Arcana? Minor Arcana?” … all I could think to myself was, “what the heck is an ‘Arcana’ anyway?”

My tarot class met once per week so each day (in between each class), I studied tarot. I wanted to be sure that I was “keeping up”. My masculine energy was taking over, lol!

I soon learned that tarot had very little to do with memorizing keywords, regurgitating concepts or even knowing the meaning of all 78 cards.

Along my tarot journey, I discovered the key to reading tarot.

Its not a secret but it might come as a surprise to learn that true Tarot Reading is like 90% intuitive abilities and 10% academic skill building.

A Tarot Reader (male or female) relies more heavily on the intuitive, receptive nature of their Divine Feminine Energy (as opposed to the active charge of their masculine energy).

A Tarot Reader is more so “channeling” messages than intellectually interpreting them.

Since beginning my tarot journey, I’ve learned:

  • How to use tarot to heal myself
  • How to use tarot to choose which people to align with
  • How to use tarot to seek guidance on growing my business
  • How to use tarot to discern what is needed to release toxicity in my life
  • How to use tarot to manifest and create change in my life
  • How to use tarot to support others in their spiritual healing journey

But most important, I’ve learned how to use tarot to unlock and “tap into” my inner knowing; this our intuition, our “gut instinct” or (my favorite name for it which is) Women’s Intuition. Hence why I believe Tarot is for Everyone!

I want to teach you what I’ve learned! and I want to help you unlock and “tap into” your own inner, ancient wisdom; that wisdom that connects you with your ancestor knowledge.

If you’re a new or aspiring Tarot Reader (even if you only plan to “read” for yourself) , this free webinar/masterclass is for you!

NEW MASTERCLASS: What All New and Aspiring Tarot Readers Need to Know!- Strengthening your Confidence as a Tarot Reader. >>>>YES, I’M READY TO REGISTER!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

>> HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE TAROT– I’m going to break down the different parts of the 78 tarot cards so you know which cards reveal which types of “clues”

>> HOW TO DISCERN INTUITIVE TAROT MESSAGES FOR YOURSELF/OTHERS– Using a method that I refer to as “tarot storytelling” we’re going to walk through a few tips/tricks for quickly recognizing the messages that are wanting to “come through” you, the Tarot Reader  (for the Seeker).

>> HOW TO CREATE A SACRED SPACE FOR TAROT READINGS- Lets talk about the “Do’s” (and maybe some “don’ts”) to keep in mind when deciding to read tarot for someone else or for yourself. What are some of the steps you should consider taking to ensure that your inner and outer space is a clear “channel” for the messages that are “coming through”?

>> SPIRITUAL ITEMS THAT EVERY TAROT READER SHOULD HAVE– Let’s talk about what every Tarot Reader should own and carry with them for readings! Its not just about “the cards”. There are other important items that help to clarify the messages and improve the session.

Yes, I Want to Attend!