FAQ for Online Community

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the Woman1sh Intuition Online Community:

  1. Is it free to join this online community?  Answer: No, access to this online community is based on your commitment to a monthly subscription investment of $30.00 (effective October 1, 2020)
  2. Once I join am I obligated to continue ? Answer: Not at all, we’d never want to keep you against your will. You’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any time (via Paypal).  You won’t be harassed and there won’t be any “hard feelings”.
  3. When will my chosen payment method be billed each month? Answer: According to Paypal, you will be charged on the 1st of each month (your month to month subscription is through PayPal so please check the details as you are signing up).
  4. What happens if I miss a subscription payment? Answer: If Paypal is unable to collect your payment, it will make additional attempts. Please note that access to your membership will be interrupted during this time (this could involve you being manually removed from the group temporarily if this is not resolved within the first few days of the month. Reentry into the group will be available once the subscription payment has been resolved).
  5. How do I regain entry if I’ve been removed from the group?  Answer: To regain access to the online space, search “Woman1sh Intuition” on facebook and request to join again!

Need any other questions answered? Feel free to send an email to Aboutwoman1sh@gmail.com