Exclusive Patreon Content

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Tier 1 – Tarot Astrology Readings and Updates

Listen to weekly tarot astrology readings that are specific to your zodiac sign to gain clairfy on how the  planet alignments may be impacting you personally, professionally and spiritually. Weekly readings may include love readings, career and finance and life purpose. Ill also highlight important aspects in astrology to include new moons, full moons, retrogrades, and more,


Tier 2- How to Raise Your Vibration

How to raise the vibration of your thoughts, emotions and actions by releasing resistant energy from our body. This tier gives you access to all of the Tier 1 content plus this tier may include:

1. Raising your vibration using colors (or colored candles)

2. Raising your vibration using sound

3. Raising your vibration using food

4. Raising your vibration using fun

5. Raising your vibration using chakra balalncing