Follow Up Sessions

What’s Next?

A tarot reading is usually the beginning of the healing journey. For those who are interested in just receiving a one time reading, this follow up session may not resonate. But for those who are looking for ongoing support and and guidance as you now tackle some of the habits and patterns you’ve learned are blocking your energy, these sessions are for YOU!

Follow up sessions provide us with time to focus on “unpacking” the emotional, energetic baggage that we often carry with us throughout our lifetime. This baggage creates blockages in our energy and stagnation in our life which ultimately contributes to illness and disease. My role as your Spiritual Guide and Supporter will be to offer you:

  • A trained, listening ear during sessions.
  • Insight into your specific behavior patterns that effect your relationships, your day to day happiness, and your ability to heal and forgive.
  • Recommended spiritual practices you can implement to minimize negative repeating patterns and clear blocked energy.

Storytelling is therapeutic.

Often times we,  don’t feel comfortable sharing our painful stories with others or we’re just not sure who cares enough to hear the details of our everyday struggles. But telling your story is a form of spiritual alchemy.

How it works? When we endure traumatic experiences and are unable to “let go” of the negative energy connected to those experiences, we unconsciously communicate to our body that we want to hold on to toxicity. Holding on to toxic beliefs, feelings, and situations create internal blockages which lead to a weakening of our physical and mental systems. When our immune system or our central nervous systems (or any other systems) are compromised we experienced a prolonged disconnection from our Higher Self and our Power.

During follow up sessions, I facilitate healing conversation by asking very specific, focus questions that help to support self discovery (soul consciousness). I also provide you with time to express your truth openly without fear of being judged or shamed for your experiences. As you focus your mental energy and your heart energy on remembering your traumatic past experiences, you give yourself the option to transform your negative sitatuations into life lessons. As you speak about your past trauma  and you work with me to identify and express new, higher perspectives, you will find that as your thoughts are vibrated into this world through affirming sound, they begin to vibrate LOVE where there was once fear, sadness, worry, etc. It allows you to release the negative hold your painful situations have on you and transform your situation into a healing experience of release.

Scheduling A Follow Up Session

This service is for those who are interested in meeting on a consistent basis. Face to face and virtual video sessions are offered at the rate of $25/hour, for up to 2 hours maximum. Schedule your first follow up session by clicking the link below. Follow up sessions will be offered 1-2 days per week, depending on your agreed upon schedule.  All sessions are prepaid.


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