Tarot for Beginners _Book 1

Learning tarot is similar to starting a new relationship, the more time you spend together the more you will uncover. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed when I first decided to learn about the traditional 78 cards of the tarot. I devoted hours at a time to spreading the cards out and just staring at them, putting the story line together in my minds eye. I must have had almost 4-5 composition notebooks that were filled with my “daily card pulls”, card meanings, and other insights I was learning at that time. Brick by brick, my mind wove together the card meanings (and there are still “bricks” being added today). Learning tarot is definitely a long distance journey, it takes time to learn about the vast and deeply intricate meanings of each card combination, as well as, what the card meanings reveal about our lived, human experience.

This book outlines the very basic and fundamental concepts that every new and/or aspiringTarot Reader should know, even if you’re just planning to read tarot for your own spiritual guidance/wellness. May this book “open the way” to your journey “down the rabbit hole”. Enjoy!

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Awaken Goddess!

Imagine that your goddess codes are lying dormant within your DNA, embedded within your unique energy signature; imagine those codes have been with you since you incarnated into this lifetime. Imagine that they were hidden “in plain sight”, programmed to remain dormant as you journeyed through the beginning stages of a disconnected life on Earth, towards soul retrieval, soul consciousness and all other manners of re-connection to your Higher Self.  How do we activate these codes and unleash our inner goddess?  That is what we’re going to explore in this book. Learn more>>>  JOIN EMAIL LIST