Dedicated to All of my Sistah’s

This blog is dedicated to the Divine Feminine Mother within each of us (male and female alike), we honor your healing power today and every day by living “in our heart centre” and by living “in flow” with our natural state…which is Love and oneness. Ase’


Who Are My Sistah’s?

SISTAH (aka sista or sister)

A girl or a woman coming from the same parents, roots or spiritual state of mind.  A female whom you can count on throughout all time. In her truest sense she is one who will never turn her back on you. She knows you are not perfect and together you do what you need to do to improve. A real sistah is family. A connection with her is based on mutual love, respect and consideration. A sistah has your back and you have hers. 

A kinswoman. 

A fellow member of a tribe, a club or an organization. 

A fellow female who has been through similar situations to what you have been through thus empowering her to truly emphasize, support and encourage you on your journey as you do the same for her. She gets it. There is no need to strain and explain to a true sistah. 

Part of the grand sisterhood or sistahood.

True friend.

When I need her, my sister is there for me…sometimes I don’t even have to tell her what’s going on. My sistah just knows“. 

(SHared from the urban dictionaRY)