New to Tarot? Here are the Tarot Cards You Need to Purchase FIRST!

Welcome to my Tarot Blog fellow Tarot Enthusiasts!! If you’re new to the world of Tarot are seeking to purchase your very FIRST tarot deck, I invite you to check out my other blog post entitled, “Buying your First Tarot Deck and Is it Bad Luck?”

Knowing how to choose your first Tarot Deck (or your first of many decks) can get a little tricky, especially if you haven’t quite learned the basic symbols and energies of each card yet.

My First Tarot Deck was NOT a Good Choice!

I remember buying my very first Tarot Deck (and I don’t mean the deck I learned to read Tarot with). I went into my local crystal bookstore and I must have looked through dozens of tarot cards but I couldn’t really tell which cards were “calling out to me”. I actually felt quite overwhelmed, like searching for a needle in a haystack!

I finally settled on “The Hobbit Tarot” (lol) because the imagery felt whimsical and FUN!!

Well, what I soon discovered as I began to actually study the Tarot card meanings and symbols (during my initial Tarot course) was the images and symbols on my Hobbit Deck were NO WHERE NEAR the same images and symbols as the cards I was instructed to purchase by my Instructor (so that I could learn the basics of Tarot Reading).

My Instructor required each of her students to purchase the traditional Rider- Waite Smith Tarot Deck because it is often referenced as one of the first Tarot Decks and one of the most long standing Tarot decks on which most decks are created from.

For those who are New to Reading Tarot (especially if you’re studying the traditional Tarot Deck symbols), the following decks are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as your first few decks because their images and symbols don’t deviate much from the traditional Rider Waite Smith Decks.

This list, of course, is not exhaustive. Click the Tarot Deck TITLE or image below to learn more about each deck! Disclaimer: this post does include affiliate links.

Miss Cleo Tarot Deck
MagicSeer Borderless Tarot Cards Power Deck


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