What are Tarotscopes?

A Tarot Scope is a spin off of horoscope. For those of you who are not familiar with horoscopes, here’s a brief lesson: 

The word horoscope is derived from the Latin combination of two words in which “horo” means hour and “scope” means view, so it is a “view of the hour“.  ~ findyourfate.com

This view of the hour is divined based on your astrological sun sign which most of us call “our zodiac sign”. Based on which type of horoscope you read, there are also other factors that go into determining which messages need to be included in the Readers horoscope. But most commonly known horoscopes are based primarily on astrology and the astrology chart. 

Tarot Scopes are based primarily on the specific Tarot Cards that flipped over (or revealed themselves through some other method) when a Tarot Reader “pulled cards” for your specific Zodiac sign (sun sign). 

Tarot  Scopes are divined (aka channeled) messages from Spirit that reveal a possibility and often times advice for the Reader. 

Need Help Figuring Out Which Tarot Scopes YOU Should Read/Listen to?

My New to Tarot followers usually wonder which Tarot Readings they should watch (because they aren’t familiar with their zodiac sign). YOU TOO might be wondering “which Tarot scope(s) should I read?” 

The answer is: its really based on your birthday and time of birth. You need to grab a copy of your Astrology chart (keep reading and Ill tell you how to get a copy of YOURS for free). 

Your Astro chart will give you inside into what your Sun Sign is, what your Moon sign is and what your Rising Sign is. These are the top 3 most important SCOPES and General Tarot Readings to pay attention to. 

Read my latest blog post entitled, “How to Figure Out Your Zodiac Sign so You Know Which YouTube Tarot Videos to Watch”  to really figure all this out.


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