Major Arcana Cards #1-7 [Learn the Card Meanings]

When I teach Tarot, I instruct my students to lay all of the Tarot Cards out side by side, in rows and columns so that they can get a proper “birds eye view” of the full story that “The Tarot” is telling us.

When studying the major arcana cards, I invite you to lay out each of these 21 cards (leave the Fool card out of this as this Key 0 card is not bound by the same rules and expectations as the other Major Arcana cards. The fool is unique. Check out Tarot insight regarding the Fool Card and the fools journey in one of my recent blog posts HERE.

Before watching this video, lay your 21 Major Arcana cards out in 3 rows of 7 cards (numbers 1-7 on the first row, numbers 8-14 on the second row and numbers 15-21 on the last, final row) and then watch this video. Happy Studying!


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