Always Shuffle Your Tarot Cards Before a Reading!

Shuffling your Tarot Cards is how you will connect with the energy of your Tarot Deck, period. Can you facilitate a Tarot Divination Reading WITHOUT shuffling your deck? Yes, but it would be the equivalent of searching for something in the dark, in an unfamiliar room – it just makes things WAAAYY more difficult to identify. Don’t skip shuffling your deck (even if you’re pulling cards for yourself only).

Why we shuffle our Tarot Decks before a Reading?

Your Tarot Cards hold a specific type of energy AND you as the reader also hold a specific type of energy; so when ACTIVATED you and your Tarot Cards help you to CONNECT to the energetic messages “coming through”. Shuffling is one of a few basic steps in activating the energy during a Tarot Divination Session (Tarot Reading). Without shuffling you might find that the energy is present but you struggle to CONNECT to it. Struggling to connect with the energy during a Tarot Reading could look like:

  • difficulty sensing the messages clearly
  • Feeling overwhelmed by messages coming through (like there’s too many messages at once)
  • Feeling confused about the messages for a prolonged amount of time
  • Feeling like the reading does not resonate with the Seeker (like the reading isn’t accurate

Shuffling is the Time for you to Focus Your Mind.

Shuffling your Tarot deck is the time for you to focus your mind and your energy in the same direction: on the question that you’re seeking guidance for. Don’t rush this step and definitely don’t skip this step! Simply close your eyes (to eliminate distractions) and (in your minds eye) begin to see the question you’re seeking clarity on. Focus on your question by repeating the question in your mind while you inhale and exhale at a steady, consistent pace (while shuffling the deck). Where you focus your mind is going to determine “the channel” you open up which will dictate which messages you receive. These recommended steps are fundamental in divining messages from the non physical spaces. >>>>> join me inside TAROT MASTERMINDS – a Tarot Reading community for new, aspiring Tarot Readers where we actually practice reading and reading etiquettes! We’ve got plenty of space!!

“I don’t know how to shuffle” or “I’m not good at shuffling”

(First off) your words become true so the more you continue to affirm that you “don’t know how” or “you can’t”, the longer this false true feels REAL to you. Quick bad talking yourself and help yourself “strengthen your shuffling muscle” by speaking words like “I can learn to do anything”.

Next, lets just address the underlying myth that is causing you to believe that you CAN’T/DON’T KNOW HOW TO shuffle: you believe there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to shuffle, I assure, there is NOT. Every Tarot Reader has a unique way that THEY shuffle their deck and its based on THAT Tarot Reader (no one else gets to judge your chosen style).

Some of us split the deck in half and then allow the cards to fall into place.

Some of us simply hold the cards “short ways” to shuffle.

Some of us hold the cards “long ways” to shuffle.

Some of us literally just put the cards on the table, mix them up like a toddler would and then put them back together…

VIOLA!! A shuffle.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to SHUFFLE your deck.

Check out this 3 minute video where I demonstrate some of the simple ways to shuffle, then GO PRACTICE !!


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