Umm, Cleanse Your Tarot Deck Before Every Reading!

Your Tarot Deck (and you) are magnetic which means you’re attractive.

Now that you and THE CARDS are partnering up… you’re DEFINITELY attracting to you ENERGY that is coming from “all over the place”.

With THAT being said, here’s another important Tarot Reading Tip: always protect your energy by clearing unwanted energy from your aura and your Tarot Deck. Your Tarot Deck should be cleansed either before and/or after a Tarot Reading to help release the energy of the person you “read for” in your last reading OR (if you only read for yourself) to release the energy from your last Tarot medication. Think of CLEANSING YOUR DECK as “cleaning your plate”~ Rule of thumb: always clean your plate before you get more to eat.

When you neglect to cleanse the energy of your tarot deck you might discover that readings don’t quite resonate as TRUE or you might feel like its difficult to connect to the messages “coming through” during the reading. So, cleanse your cards before you read, every single time. In addition to interfering with your ability to divine messages, unwanted energys that attach to your Tarot Deck can also attach themselves to you (or your energy body). Energy’s that are trapped in your energy can interfere with your FLOW in different ways (i.e. causing you to feel feelings that are not necessarily your own, causing you to experience imbalances or instability in your mood, or in some way shifting your energy in an unwanted, unexpected way).

So, if you’re serious about practicing and honing Tarot Reading skills be sure you create a practice of cleansing your decks in between readings.

Here’s one of the ways I quickly cleanse my deck (this is just one way):


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