Buying Your First Tarot Deck and Is IT Bad Luck?

Is it bad luck for you to buy your first Tarot Deck? Some say, “yes” and others insist it’s not. There is a belief that one should not purchase their first (or any) Tarot deck for themselves because if they do the deck(s) won’t work for them or it will have negative energy or bad luck or something like that. Those who believe this also believe that your first (or any) Tarot deck you have should be gifted to you, purchased for you or stolen (this last one still has me a bit confused, lol).

I won’t discredit this belief because I’ve come to understand that all Truths are just different sides of the same coin, however, does this belief about purchasing your own Tarot cards resonate as true for ME? No, not at all.

Before I even get into “the meat” of this post, let me just remind you ~ Fellow Tarot Reader~ that the cards don’t work without YOUR INTUITION to lead them. So, if EVER you “feel” or sense that something is not true for you then that’s all the evidence you should ever need. So, NO, this belief about Tarot cards does not ring true for me.

If you’re someone who feels it may bring negative energy for you to purchase your own Tarot Deck, might I recommend that you create an Amazon wishlist your favorite Tarot Decks and invite others to gift you Tarot Decks for holidays or special occasions.


For those of you who feel comfortable purchasing your own Tarot Deck, here’s some tips from me to you!

  1. Visit a local store that sells a variety of Tarot Decks or browse an online store. Don’t overthink, just feel which deck(s) you’re most attracted to FROM FIRST SIGHT.
  2. Once you have a deck you like, just look at the images and the words and feel whether that deck is “calling to you”. This “calling” will feel like excitement to shuffle the cards and “read” with them. Again, don’t overthink this part because you’ll end up “outthinking your intuition” and talking yourself out of purchasing “the right deck” for you.
  3. After you purchase your first deck (and every deck after this one), be sure to CLEANSE your deck. Cleansing the energy of your deck helps you to release any negative or just foreign energy from the deck so that the foreign energy doesn’t interfere with your Tarot meditations. Cleanse your deck using your thoughts/words and a cleansing agent like sage, florida water, crystals, etc. Speak a cleansing prayer as you “cleanse” each card. Here is an example of a simple cleansing prayer, “Divine, please help me to release any foreign energy that might be attached this deck. Cleanse this deck from energy from the manufacturers, staff at the shop where the deck was purchased, and any other energy that is not my own. It is so.
  4. After cleansing your deck, place them on your prayer alter or in a sacred space (wrapped in a cloth or scarf that you intend to use to protect the energy of your cards). Leave your deck in that sacred space for a few hours, up to 24 hours. Then begin to use them when you’re ready.
  5. Sleep with your deck (wrapped in their tarot cloth or tarot bag/box) beneath your pillow for a night or two to continue building an energetic bond/connection with your deck.


  1. Rider Waite Smith Traditional Tarot Deck
  2. Modern Witch Tarot Deck
  3. 8 Coins Tattoo Tarot Deck
  4. Miriyan Classic Tarot Deck
  5. The Wild Unknown Tarot
  6. Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All


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