[Watch Me Teach] – Trust Your Intuition, The #1 Thing

Deneen Tyler BA MDiv. | Spiritual Wellness Practitioner | Woman1sh Intuition LLC | http://www.woman1sh.com

When you’re at the beginning of anything, its easy to doubt that you’ll ever become a Master. Intuitive Beings who are reawakening to their psychic abilities will often undergo a series of “tests” or lessons that are intended to help the Intuitive Being strengthen their intuition (aka their inner knowing). Despite a new Readers ability to memorize keywords for each of the 78 cards of the Tarot, that Reader will be unable to master the Tarot if they don’t trust the messages being “channeled through them”.

In this THROWBACK VIDEO from 2018, Deneen shares her #1 Tip for all New, Aspiring Tarot Readers which is: strengthen and Trust your Intuitive, above all! Each Tarot Reader is connected to their Tarot cards and their Tarot messages in a very unique way, no two Tarot Readers are the same. In some scenarios, one Reader may interpret the exact same tarot spread in a completely different way than another Tarot Reader. At that point, you might wonder, “which Tarot Reader is correct?” and the answer is “both of them”. Each Tarot Reader channels their specific messages through them which is why its so very important that we are not easily persuaded or influenced because external factors. Relying too heavily on external validation of what you intuitively KNOW is True will interfere with your ability to clearly divine the Tarot messages.

Deliver the Tarot Messages exactly as you “see” them, “hear” them and “feel” them and AT THAT MOMENT you will be honoring your intuition and TRUTHFULLY interpreting Tarot messages.

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Course Name: Tarot for Beginners 101

Description: An online course that teaches the fundamentals of Intuitive Tarot Reading

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