How Do the Tarot Cards Do What They Do? How Does it Work?

I have a specific order in which I facilitate my Tarot Reading Sessions.

Before I “pull tarot cards” for a new client, I always engage them in conversation about how the tarot cards do what they do. For me, there needs to be a basic level of understanding about “the how” before someone’s mental space can relax enough to “open to Spirit”. Here’s is how I typically explain how the Tarot works:

Each of us is energy. Yes, there is also a layer of our body that is a physical vessel, but our truest form is energy. According to the universal laws of vibration, we know that everything in the Universe is vibrating at a sub-atomic level, on a specific frequency. So, our thoughts, emotions and actions all vibrate on either a high or a low frequency (or even somewhere in between) constantly communicating with the Universe; letting the Universe know what types of people, situations and outcomes you desire to experience within your next chapter. So, when all is well and we are vibrating at a high frequency with thoughts, emotions and actions that reflect love and happiness and acceptance and abundance then we communicate to the Universe that we’d like to cross paths with high “vibing” Souls and positive situations and abundant outcomes. However, when life gets us down and we begin to hold a low vibration evidenced by the expression of thoughts, emotions and actions that reflect fear, doubt, anxiety or stress then we communicate to the Universe that we’d like to cross paths with low vibrating Souls, negative situations, and outcomes that leave us feeling in lack/not well provided for. And so, our vibrational frequency communicates constantly to the Universe, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Similarly, the tarot cards respond to the vibration of the Seeker. Whether the Seeker is consciously aware that they have a specific question or situation on their mind/heart or not, they are constantly holding the vibration for many questions and situations. And so, when Seekers sit down to have a reading with a Tarot Reader, the cards are already absorbing the energy of Seeker and preparing to respond with insight into the questions and yearnings of the Seeker.

Does the Tarot Reader “have all of the answers/insight”? No, not at all. The Tarot Reader is a channel for the Spirit delivered messages. Spirit, of course is the messenger of the communication. But the Sender of the messages is whomever you believe is helping you on the other side. For some, their beliefs resonate more with just one “big G” God as the Sender of all spiritual “help”. And for others, their beliefs resonate with multiple Spirit Guides and Helpers such as Ancestors, Orisha, Angels, Higher Self, etc. Whomever you pray to is who we are channeling for guidance on your questions.

Do the tarot cards give the answers/insight? No, but the tarot cards facilitate the delivering of the answers/insight. Tarot cards are one of many divination tools (aka tools used to receive and interpret messages from Source/God Energy). Tarot is a translation tool that helps us to decode the spiritual messages from the Divine/Source/God. When used in conjunction with the Seekers and the Tarot Readers inner elements thoughts (air), emotions (water)  and actions (fire), the tarot become the earth element (or physical resource)  that completes the required four elements that Spirit (Ether, 5th Element) needs in order to facilitate movement between the non- physical and the physical realm.  All elements must work together in harmony before the “magic” is fully activated.

After preparing our inner and outer elements I, typically, fan out all the tarot cards. And once I’m done explaining everything, I invite the Seeker to choose any 3 cards that they feel drawn to, intuitively.

Every single time, those 3 cards point us towards a mental or emotional energy blockage that the Seeker has been a source of internal conflicted. in their present story.


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