Ask (then “hold space”) and You Shall Receive!

Answered prayers take time to manifest in our physical reality. But just know that your prayer has been answered and keep believing. ~Deneen | Woman1sh Intuition

As soon as you ask for a thing, it happens! Somewhere in “the heavens” that circumstance you asked for is created. Now, how long it takes for that circumstance to manifest in your physical reality depends greatly on your ability to have faith in it long enough for it to arrive into your physical reality. How long can you “hold space” in faith before doubt sets in? because  your disbelief will move you further away from what you asked for and your faith will move you closer to it (and it closer to you).

Lets talk about the way “the heavens” are set up. 

Ancient wisdom tells us that there are (at minimum) 7 heavens or 7 “planes” (at least thats what we are aware of): physical plane (physical universe), astral plane (emotional plane), mental plane (causual plan), buddhic plan (unity plane), spiritual plane, divine plane, and the logoic plane.  When something is manifested (or summoned) into the lowest plane (which we undersand to be the physical plane (our physical universe where Earth is located), things move at a slower pace because the energy is denser here.

Lets talk about “density” real quick. For me, density describes the speed at which energy vibrates (I also understand density to refer to “heavy” or “low” vibrating energy. The denser the energy, the slower it moves and the longer it takes to complete a cycle. In our Earthly plane, energy slows down drastically (compared to the other planes mentioned). For example, in the logoic plan where all energy is in complete unity with God/Source, energy moves instantly; whatever is thought of and vibrated into existence comes into existence immediately. However, in our Earthly plane, once an idea formulates it begins forming in the higher planes and fully manifests in the higher planes shortly after, however if that same thought is being summoned (or “called into”) a lower realm like Earth then as that energy/information travels through the remaining planes towards Earth, it slows down.

This is the main reason I say that you must “ask then “hold space” and you shall receive. As your prayer or your intention or your dream is heading towards you and slowing down as it is approaching you, you might begin to experience doubt that your prayer has even been heard. I assure you, it has. Not only has it been heard by your Creator but your vibration has also been interpreted by the Universe which is also working in your favor to help you co-create what you’ve chosen to align your energy with.

How to “hold space” while you wait?

Learning how to wait in patient expectation for your manifestation requires that you understand how to “hold space”. “Holding space” for a manifestation means that you are preparing the area for the manifestation to take root (even before you can perceive the manifestation with your 5 senses). When you hold space you focus your mental energy (thoughts), emotional energy (emotions) and physical energy (actions) on the circumstance that you’re calling into your life, as if it has already arrived. You operate as if its already taken root and you’re already experiencing it. This looks different for different people and depending on different people.

For example, if someone is holding space for financial abundance to explode in their life then they would begin to take on the money mangement habits of someone who is wealthy. This person might begin to think about money different by releasing any mental or emotional blockages they have as it relates to finances. This same person may also find themselves practicing different spending habits such as not spending more than than 30 percent of their credit spending limit or increasing the revenue streams to allow for multiple sources of (passive and active) income. This would be an example of “holding space” for your financial abundance that you’ve been praying for, as opposed to continuing to send energy towards thinking, feeling and behaving as someone who is experiencing poverty or money imbalances (i.e. stressing and mismanaging resources).

Whatever your situation, just be sure that your thoughts, emotions and actions are all focused on doing things that are faith based and not fear based. Do you trust that what you’ve asked for is yours and is on its way to you? If not then your continued doubt will intercept your manifestation. Hold space by keeping the faith no matter what your physical environment is communicating to you.

Ask and hold space as if you know its already done.


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