How to Work WITH this July 2019 Energy of Mercury Retrograde, Don’t Resist!

Old Wounds Reopen to Heal with the 7/7/19 Mercury Retrograde and the 7/8/19 Chiron Retrograde.

I know most of you have heard spooky stories about how Mercury Retrograde negatively effects our communication, travel plans and technology but there is so much more to Mercury Rx than that.  And whose heard of CHIRON? Chiron is a comet that is often associated with the title  “wounded healer” because it often reopens old wounds that are long overdue for healing and then supports us as we work to heal them. Well, the the time has come! Chiron will be here to teach us how to heal those deep rooted wounds between Monday, July 8th and December 12, 2019.  Want to learn more about how to work with the energies and not against them, keep reading.

First let me just say that as I sit down to write this blog post there are 6 celestial bodies currently in retrograde right now. Yes, you read that correctly… six! So, if you’re inner YOUniverse (your emotions or thoughts) have felt “different” or “all over the place” most likely this is a result of the state of our outer Universe (the planets and stars).

What “as above, so below” means.

The ancients understood that “as above, so below” which for some meant that the conversations and transits that take place within “the stars” directly effected the human experience “down below”. For others, however, “as above, so below” simply meant that the planets mirrored the basic universal principles that were at play everywhere, in all living BEINGS  on this planet we call Earth.  Yes, planets and stars are “living beings” that have consciousness just as you or I.   Hence why so many of us “look to the stars” honing our astrology skills. And as living beings the planets and stars are also governed and impacted by the laws that rule our Universe.

Your Inner Mercury Retrograde. 

Like the planets and stars, each human being (with a soul) also houses an inner YOUniverse that is also influenced by the same basic Universal principles. Your inner YOUniverse consists of your cells (each of which possess consciousness your physical body uses to operate without you even realizing how ), the 7 layers of your aura body (which is a way longer story than I have time to type) and your core energy signature overall (which is connected to your soul and your spirit and intertwines with your throughts and emotions). These are all key players in your inner YOUNIVERSE.

So, when we see Mercury going retrograde in our outer Universe (as it is this month) we can already anticpate what will be mirrored within  each of us (some more than others, depending on your mercury ruled placements in your natal chart).

The planet of Mercury represents  communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability. Mercury governs schooling and education, the immediate environment of neighbors, siblings and cousins, transport over short distances, messages and forms of communication such as post, email and telephone, newspapers, journalism and writing, information gathering skills, etc.  When the planet enters into retrograde there tend to be interruptions in these areas of life…hence the spooky stories and people all over the planet “bracing for impact”. Most people report experiencing interruption in technology, travel plans “falling through”, miscommunication and arguments, and then there is the oh so popular “return of the ex”. During Mercury retrograde, there tends to be a resurfacing of old conversations/communications that we thought was buried in our past. Nope! Not buried.

Review, Don’t Repeat. 

Tip #1 for how you can work WITH the energys of Mercury Retrograde (as opposed to against them) is: review all situations without taking action on them. Your main role during a retrograde is to observe, review, analyze. Consider this retrograde to be a much needed time of mental rest. This is where you pay attention to what your inner Mercury has attracted into your life during this 3 week timeframe (including the week before and the week after; the shadow period). What has resurfaced? Who has resurfaced? Because those people, conversations, ideas, beliefs, etc. have been lying dormant within your energy body and are in need of your attention if you are planning to heal them. So, pay attention to what resurfaces. Look at the old wound that these people, conversations, ideas, beliefs, etc. are triggering and then go back and take a long, deep look at the wounds! Because the wounds are the entire reason that you’re being triggered and that you’re being gifted with this opportunity to review. Lets just say, your Creator wants to give you several opportunities thorughout the year to heal and create balance within your inner world. Take it! Use this time to review what happened in your past that created imbalance for you, to learn the lesson of what happened and to release the negative energy of what happened. Why is this important? so that you don’t REPEAT your old patterns by unconsciously creating more of the same. This is your gift, time to rest and reflect. Journal A LOT.

Observe, Don’t Absorb. 

I read this tip somewhere online and decided that it was EXACTLY what I wanted to communicate to each of you as my second tip for working in partnership with Mercury Retorgrade: Observe, Don’t Absorb.  During this (and every other) Mercury Retrograde its important that you resist the urge to react. This is not the time to commit to anything (not anything that you hope will be lasting). This is not the time to enter into any agreements (legal or soul agreements). This is not the time to allow what happens to penetrate your heart or your mind. Take nothing seriously during this retrograde because when this retrograde has come to a close, you might discover that the way you perceive a situation is starkly different than how you perceived it during the actual retrograde timeframe. Take this time to observe what is happening, only observe. See it, analyze it, review (just as I mentioned in tip #1) but release it out of your aura before allowing it to impact you emotionally or mentally. What you experience during this retrograde is an opportunity to mentally “spring clean” so that you can purge what is not longer needed in preparation for the newness that is to come. That’s it. Don’t get prematurely attached to what you find in those closets of yours becaue most of it is only coming back into your awareness so that you can decide to toss it out (for good)!. Some of it, might hang around a bit longer though.  You’ll know which is which once this Mercury Retrograde has come to an end.

This is what healing looks like.

Most people don’t realize it but this is what they’re healing will look like: a series of uncomfortable situations  cycling back around so that we have the opportunity to practice responding differently (this go round). So, how will you respond to what Mercury Retrograde stirs up in your life? Will you respond the exact same way that you did before, in a negative way? Hopefully not because that will just communicate to the Universe that you’d like more of that negativity in your present/future. OR will you respond calmly, mindfully, in faith and from a high vibration? Hope so because this marks a crossroad for how the next chapter of your story will unfold. When Mercury retrograde ends and the planet Mercury stations back direct, the story (of your life) that  you’re writing, will resume… you hold the pen.


You could do it on your own, but why have to when there’s support out here. For one time support, schedule an intuitive tarot reading, today, to gain insight and clarity into the emotional or mental blockages you might be holding within your aura (your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body) that is preventing love and abundance from flowing to you. If you feel like you need more indepth, ongoing support to truly heal from your past pain, I’d love to connect with you and schedule weekly or monthly sessions where we can really work to unlearn and reprogram your heart and mind.  Click here to “work with me“. There is a fee for both services.



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