How Today’s New Moon in Gemini is Helping You “Rewrite Your Script” in Preparation for Your New Manifestation!



A new moon marks a time of new beginnings (new projects, new goals, new direction in life, etc.). As you embark on your new beginning you might feel a bit disoriented by all of the unfamiliar territory that you’re charting (this is to be expected). An intuitive tarot reading is a really good way to regain confidence in your ability to navigate the rhythms and cycles of this life. As you venture away from your familiar, old existence and align yourself with a higher vibration (your best self), spiritual support helps to ground you and make you feel more centered (during the expansion process).  Schedule a one-on-one personal reading (virtual and face to face options available) or join us for one of our upcoming “Group Tarot in the Park” Experiences (Richmond, Virginia only).

And if you already know that you’re in need of a more in depth, ongoing program of healing, complete this online form to “Work with Me”.  Check out my About Deneen page to learn more about me.

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