The Healing Power of Water: Why You Should Take A Spiritual Bath Atleast Once Per Month


Ancient wisdom teaches us that water connects us all. Up to 60% of the human adult body is made up of water and water is a primordial need for all living beings (plant life, animal life, and human life). We all need it to physically survive.

Before we broke through into this world we existed within the fluid of our mother’s womb which was composed of water (amongst other things); it nurtured us, protected us and housed us.

The energetic, spiritual flow of our intuitive and emotional “waters” also run deep, connecting us, linking us all to the past, the present and the future timelines through our Ancestors DNA and our cosmic DNA (God/ Mother-Father Creator) that resides at our core.

Water unites all of creation.


Biologically, liquid water is composed of “two hydrogen atoms each linked by a single chemical bond to an oxygen atom” hence H20.  This indicates that water helps to oxygenate the body’s blood cells and “oxygen rich blood cells are healthy blood cells” that function at their optimal level to repair and heal our body, preventing disease and chronic illness. Ingesting water is just one of the ways that we can support physical healing and wellness in the body.

Water is our first “home” on this physical plane(t), surrounding us and protecting us in the mother’s womb during the first phases of our existence. A baby is engulfed in primarily water in the wombs amniotic sac until the fluid in the sac transitions to primarily the babies urine. Healthy urine is about 95 percent water and sterile making urine safe to drink and helpful in replenishing lost water. My point? We are union with water from the beginning of our existence (and probably prior to that). When we are living a life that is “in flow” water will naturally trigger feelings of calm and relaxation and memories of “home”, for some it becomes a source of balance and liberation. On the other hand, when we are bombarded with fear tactics or old programming that persuades us to feel helpless then we might find that we are afraid of water or afraid to swim, often avoiding large bodies of water for fear of losing control within its abundance. And then there are those who avoid water altogether, disconnected from its healing properties and dismissing its significance by neglecting to drink liters of a water daily or neglecting to submerge the body in the healing waters of a spiritual bath.


It’s time to move away from any old programming (old thoughts and old feelings) that separates you from incorporating water rituals into your spiritual practice. Water is Divine (of, from or like God). Among other things, water purifies and strengthens us along our spiritual journey. Its one of the elements that exists in abundance on Earth and is available to us for spiritual healing which basically consists of restoring us to our natural state of being (oneness). How does water help to restore us to this natural state of being? this spiritual state of oneness with Source energy, oneness with Creator, oneness with our Ancestral bloodline and royal DNA? The long story short is that our “inner water” flows energetically through the etheric time and space continuum (re) connecting us to the ascended versions of ourselves (our Higher Self) and to the spiritual waters of the heavenly realms. Like any spiritual practice, consistence and repetition leads to mastery. Incorporating water in your daily/weekly spirit rituals both activates our inner elements of water and joins together our physical and the nonphysical realities helping us to ascend to deeper levels of spiritual enlightenment and ultimately accelerating us forward to soul consciousness.


Taking a spiritual bath or a spiritual shower is a sacred ritual, that helps to cleanse your Aura, each time you perform this spiritual ritual. A ritual is a routine, something we do repeatedly and there are specific steps to how we complete the ritual. A “spiritual ritual” holds more meaning and is thought to resonate with us on a deeper, energetic level helping to restore balance within and reconnect us to our soul and our spirit.

Like all personal spiritual practices, there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to complete them meaning you add to or take away any of the recommended steps and guidelines offered below (or offered anywhere else you might find guidance related to this spiritual ritual). Only you will know, intuitively, what resonates with you and makes you feel reconnected to Source and surrounded with Love and Oneness. Below are a few recommendations you can reference to establish a spiritual healing bath.


Make a habit of always preparing your inner and outer “space” for sacred, spiritual practices whether you’re taking a spiritual healing bath/shower, preparing for a sacred sexual exchange, doing altar work or in some other way tapping into the Divine. How you cleanse your space depends on your comfort level. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Set intentions with your mind and your words by praying and believing that the inner and outer space is being cleansed, purified and prepared for spiritual healing.
  • Walk around the space burning (and wafting) sage (and/or Palo Santo) while verbally deeming the space a sacred space.
  • Place specific crystals around the space, either using sacred geometry or marking the four corners of the tub/washroom to help draw negativity out of the space, promote healing, or whatever else is important to you.
  • Light incense to cleanse the space; frankincense scented incense has a very high vibration and are great to use during sacred rituals.
  • Play 528Hz music in the space to also help support the raising of the vibration and the removal of any negative, stagnant energy that might be circulating.
  • Light at least 2 candles and place one on either side of the tub, acting as pillars or gateways so that when you exit the tub you will be passing through a gateway, emerging into a new, higher state of consciousness/being. Use white candles for purification or other colored candles based on what you are attempting to achieve (research candle colors and their significance and intuitively choose which candles you need based on what you are attempting to balance).


What you add to your spiritual bath water or your spiritual shower depends on what you are intending to accomplish. Some just use water and positive intentions while others include a number of other elements that represent air, fire, water and earth! Healing baths will include elements that are considered original medicine because they raise the vibration or literally have medicinal properties.  Here are a few of the commonly used items that I’ve come across:

  • Epsom salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Essential oil
  • Ginger root for detoxing
  • Flowers
  • Florida water
  • Herbs for spiritual cleansing like rosemary, sage, cedar, thyme, etc.
  • Baking soda
  • Apple Cidar Vinegar

Spiritual baths can be incorporated into your monthly routine as often as you choose. The new moon and the full moon are really great times of the month to submerge yourself into a healing bath and allow the spiritual waters to cleanse and purify each layer of your body/aura. This is a sacred practice that helps to prepare your inner and outer space for healing energy to flow through and for chi/ashe/life force energy to reside within.


Setting up sacred space through healing baths is just one of the first steps of your healing journey. For one time support, schedule an intuitive tarot reading, today, to gain insight and clarity into the emotional or mental blockages you might be holding within your aura (your emotional, mental, energetic and physical body) that is preventing love and abundance from flowing to you. If you feel like you need more indepth, ongoing support to truly heal from your past pain, I’d love to connect with you and schedule weekly or monthly sessions where we can really work to unlearn and reprogram your heart and mind.  Click here to “work with me


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