Tarot Inspired Rant About The Divine Feminine Energy That is Being Unleashed!


The March 3, 2019 Enery inspired me to speak on the topic of the Divine Feminine; what she is and she is not! For those who are not really into numerology, March 3, 2019 breaks down to 3/3/3 (2019= 2+0+1+0+9 which then reduces to 1+2 which then reduces to 3).  In tarot, the marjor arcana card for the key #3 is THE EMPRESS, which is a card that is most commonly associated with Divine Femine Energy.

Divine feminine energy is one of the two major ways Creator expresses itself which historically has not been widely taught, especially during the past several years where this energy has been suppressed.  Many are now returning to a place of balance which means getting reaquainted with a part of themselves that has long been forgotten or underused, their feminine energy. In these two videos, I speak more about what it looks like to suppress the feminine energy, as individuals and as a society. I also touch on what the feminine energy is and what it is not! I don’t go into great detail but I get the conversation started enough to spark the interest of anyone who is actively seeking to learn more about this topic.

Sending Love,




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