Unleash Your Divine Feminine Energy | New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse

It’s To Set Your Intentions In Motion!

The New Moon in Capricorn has arrived and with it  our very first eclipse of 2019!Today and the next few days mark a very important time of reassessment and “seed planting”. The intentions that we “set”  will determine the direction we journey towards during the next 6 months (up until the next eclipse in July).  Today and during the next few days, it will be important for you to create quiet moments for reflection and introspective writing/journaling; you are encouraged to find as many opportunities to be still and silent as possible.

Click below to check out the audio recording I uploaded today titled “Unleash Your Divine Feminine Energy | New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse”. For those of you who dislike lengthy audios, feel free to listen in increments. However, please do listen with an open mind and if you find that some of the information is difficult to interpret or just “bending your mind” too much, continue to listen and trust that overtime your mind will “wrestle” with what you hear and it will also expand to make sense of anything that seems confusing at first.

Also, check out the Sacred Honoring Ritual Below and if you feel led, complete the ritual today, tomorrow or Tuesday (while the energy is still potent).  Your intuition will lead the way. Sending Love!


Quiet your mind by taking 4 slow, deep breaths. With one hand on your heart and the other hand on your forehead (covering your third eye), speak these words aloud:  Divine Creator, today I express my gratitude for each of the life lessons I experienced in 2018. I call upon my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides to help me reconnect with my true self and reclaim my power. Teach me how to tap into my divine feminine energy so that I know “the way” to go. I welcome help from above and within. I desire to live in my Truth within this lifetime. Help me to let go of anything that is keeping me unwell. Help me to release anything that is blocking me from opening to Spirit. Help me to say goodbye to anything that is keeping me from realizing my Truth. In love, Ase.

When you’re done, feel free to sit quietly with a pen and paper and write down anything that comes to you. If you feel led, write down your new moon intentions (goals you want to work on during the next 6 months) and consider taking a relaxing bath as you think ONLY about the intentions/goals you’re setting in motion with this sacred honoring ritual. Your ability to concentrate on your intentions will increase your success with manifesting them.


Need Help Activating Your Power?

Being aware of the fact that you’re powerful is just the beginning! Once we become aware that we have the ability to be powerful in this world we then need to move through the proper steps of 1) clearing/purging old energy that is keeping us stuck in the past, 2) activating our healing energy and 3) learning how to “be in” our truth/power.

Energy Balancing helps us to clear and purge old energy (i.e. anger, pain, worry, self-doubt and more). Once balanced, the energy centers are also where we gain access to our powers which include healing ourselves from all illness, manifesting our intentions quickly,  attracting loving relationships, attracting fulfilling careers, as well as, tapping into our psychic abilities such clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

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