You See What You Choose To See (Thoughts on Ajna Chakra Work)

As a kid, I use to love optical illusions like the old lady who also looked like a young woman.  I learned then that if you squinted and shifted your perspective just a bit you would perceive an entirely different message (or reality). This lesson continues to be true for me, today.

Your perception is your reality which basically just means that what you sense (see, smell, taste, touch, and hear) become a part of what is REAL to you; it becomes your experience. But what happens when your perception is manipulated? What happens when what you consume within your immediate environment distorts your perception and causes you to project a lie or falsehood into your reality? Well, when that happens you’ll find yourself trapped in either a fantasy or a nightmare (depending on the nature of the lie you’re being manipulated to believe is true).

The Dangers of Being Trapped in a Nightmare

A nightmare is best explained as an unpleasant or frightening experience. When all you perceive around you is fear and struggle it communicates to your body that you’re stressed and if stressed for too long the body experiences (what mental health practitioners like to call) stress overload. When the mind experiences a prolonged amount of stress, the physical body is impacted greatly. There is a decline that happens on a deep level which, if left unaddressed, leads to a weakening in the immune system. Once the immune system is compromised, we become disconnected from our power sources (spiritual and physical).  This leaves you open and vulnerable to attacks on your energy.

The Dangers of Being Trapped in a Fantasy

As pleasant as it may seem, being trapped in a fantasy is still detrimental to your health. Why? Because a fantasy keeps you in a suspended state of falsehood which in essence keeps you “sleep”, unaware of what is truly happening you are often disconnected from your Creative power. Some might feel like this is not such a big deal but consider this: each of you have incarnated into this world with a purpose, a “mission” even and this mission is of the utmost importance. What would happen if something distracted you for years (or even for your entire lifetime) to the point that you never actually fulfilled your mission? What would happen is that those individuals attached to your mission would not receive the help they needed to support them on their mission or worse, the world would be absent of “ground soldiers” who incarnate to add balance and Light to this world. There is a balance to this world that requires each of us to reach a level of consciousness within self (soul consciousness) so that we can effectively reconnect to our “home” or our “roots”. When we are distracted by a fantasy life on earth we often become complacent and remain enclosed within a comfort zone that blocks our ability to receive communication regarding our mission and blocks our ability to align ourselves with our souls purpose.  When consumed within a  fantasy you are just as vulnerable to energetic attacks just as you would be if you were trapped in a nightmare; the only difference is that you feel better about being stuck.

You See What You Choose To See

“Choice” is a tricky word, it implies that you are making an informed decision but in some cases (especially when trapped in a nightmare or a fantasy) you are not! Everyone on earth (with a soul) has the power to create change within this physical reality. Our individual perceptions add to the collective perception and then projects a certain reality. What am I saying? What you perceive  leads you to form beliefs and from those beliefs you create this world, your world, our world. For example, if you’re raised in poverty and all you’ve ever seen, smelled, heard, touched and tasted was people financially struggling to make “ends meet” then you begin to believe that most people (like you) struggle to make ends meet which leads to you adopting a “lack mindset”. From this mindset, you grow up “pinching pennies” and behaving as a poor person would behave (as if you don’t have all that you need). You begin to perceive money from a limited, negative mindset attaching your value to how much money you make or believing that money is the most important thing in the world. Your perception becomes distorted even more by media and society which is constantly persuading you to buy more stuff to feel happy or complete. By the time you become an adult, you’re buried in debt and working jobs just to “make ends meet” and you are no less aligned with your souls purpose.  What basically happened is that your ability to create change was hijacked because of what you saw around you became what you felt was “real” and any other lifestyles that you saw that were not a “struggle, poverty lifestyle” you perceived them as unattainable or “fake”. From there you went on to create the exact same pattern that you were raised in which was a reality of poverty, debt, lack, etc. And what’s worse is that some of us never really connect the dots and see that our beliefs and actions are being manipulated by forces that are feeding off of our lack, fear of making ends meet and low vibrating lifestyle.


So, how do we actually “see what we choose to see” if what we are seeing is misrepresenting the truth? Here is where our Ajna Chakra comes in (this is the energy center within us that powers our third eye).  We were created with two eyes to see within this physical realm (because all creatures are equipped with what they need to survive within their environment), however, we are also multidimensional beings belonging to a different environment so we also have a “third eye”.

” When energy flows freely through Ajna chakra and the third eye, our perception of reality changes. We see the universe as it truly is. ” ~ Caroline Arewa

Seeing beyond the illusion of this physical world is one of our main obstacles that we each face when we incarnate. Once we arrive on earth, it is our role (and the role of those who have incarnated before us) to reconnect to our higher self and activate each of the “weapons” we’ve been engineered to use for our mission on Earth. It is also our responsibility to learn (and practice) how to use our energy and the elements of air, fire, water, earth and ether to heal. It is through this healing work that we clear negative energy from our lower energy centers (chakras) which allows for us to tranform back into the spiritual, lightbeing that we truly are. But this is a process, healing is a process. Once we have reached a certain level of our process we receive opportunities to awaken and raise our vibration, whether we take advantage of those opportunities is our choice. … herein lies THAT “choice” that I’ve been eluding to throughout this entire post.

The choice that we each have is actually a choice to succumb to the bullshit that surrounds us or to rise above it by choosing to HEAL.  We will ALWAYS have opportunities to change course; there will always be influential people in our lives who invest energy in us to raise us up (we are connected to their mission on earth) but we make the decision to accept their help. Most of us spend years dismissin, rejecting and ignoring the help that is sent to us until one day… things just click and we make a decision to be a better version of ourselves (this is where the choice happens).  We each reach these crossroads and we each have to make this choice.

There are times when we are living in a distorted state and then we each experience moments of clarity where we have the option to raise our vibration and become a better version of ourselves. When the merry-go round circles back around and delivers you to the “off ramp”, you can either choose to continue remaining plugged into a nightmare/fantasy lifestyle or you can exit the ride and choose to see something different. The choice is yours!

Love and Oneness to each of you ♥


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