Our Linear Timelines Are Beginning to Merge With Spiral Time.

(Several months ago, this concept of “spiral time” was introduced into my awareness as I continued to seek understanding and clarity regarding the current 3D -5D ascension to higher consciousness. As I continue to raise my consciousness level there are pieces of the puzzle being added by others who are reawakening to their inner, lost knowledge (and pieces are also coming together during my personal meditation time, as well). This information, at times, can feel like it is stretching the mind but what I’ve come to understand is that this information is already a part of our inner knowing. Due to manipulation of our perception and distortions within our immediate environments (since birth) we have been disconnected from our inner knowing. As a result, many of the Truths we hear are interpreted as false information (because of old programming) but our intuition acts as our inner GPS and Truth will always resonate (even when we cannot comprehend it logically).

When we commit to remaining “open to spirit” then the new information that we come in contact with will eventually merge into our already existing knowledge making it easier for us to understand it and uncover its deep meaning.  I encourage you to listen to these videos with an open mind and keep in mind that “everything is true”, even if it has not yet entered into your awareness as true (yet).)

In these videos, Abe and Jess talk more about the collective spiral and linear timelines as well as how the individual timeline will shift as we move into spiral timeline and your more dominant ‘NOW’ moment.



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  1. mo says:

    Mind stretched for sure! Great post! Keep it up 😊.


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