If Earth is a Hologram then What Does That Make Humans?

If Earth is a Hologram…

Recently I was at a friend’s home and the friends, friend wanted to engage in conversation (of course I humbly obliged him). He asked a seemingly simple question: “So, what is earth?”. What made him seek the answer to this question was because. just moments prior. I was sharing with the entire group the E=MC2 theory by Albert Einstein that basically suggests that all (physical) matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. I shared that what we think is “real” is only information that the brain is translating into a picture called “reality” hence “perception is reality”. So, the guy then asks his question and my response was simple (or at least simple to the open mind): “Earth is a hologram, a reflection of the collective subconscious”. I said a bit more too but that was the gist. That conversation ended quickly… more like fizzed off after a long period of silence. But yes, most of us who have experienced a third eye awakening or a kundalini awakening are steadily peeling back the layers of Truth that have so long been hidden from us and we are now discovering so much more!

…Then What Does That Make Humans?

Fast forward to today, I’m studying astrological tarot (to support the work I do as a Tarot Reader) and this guy just mentioned I stumbled across an idea, something that stretched my mind and knocked me right down the rabbit hole (which is kind of one of my favorite place to be). This Astrology Instructor said,

“…Ancient Astrologers also come from a divinatory position which also pays attention to signs, symbols and omens in nature and the APPEARANCE of a bird … or the time when something appears is thought of as the moment of divination. When something appears that’s the time  at which you want to try and jot down the time and look at the sky and get some reflection of meaning on the appearance of the omen and sign. But all divination has to do with the importance of something interrupting the normal ebb and flow and appearing. … Similarly, the appearance or the arrival of a child is essentially an omen. The first house as the appearance of a baby is suggesting that the appearance of your physical form (in this world) is a kind of omen to be read; a kind of omen to be read”.  ~ Adam Elenbass

The moment he finished speaking that last line, my (spider senses started tingling)… my third eye chakra started working to simplify this concept so that I could drop the energy down into my throat chakra and effectively communicate what felt like a deeper understanding of the human beings existence on planet Earth. For some reason, my mind had not made space for the fact that if this physical plane, we call Earth, is a hologram then each of the beings on this planet (especially those of us with a soul) were also a reflection of some type. Duh! This physical existence that we are using to experience life on this earthly plane(t) is our avatar! (Which I knew that these bodies were Avatars but somehow the depth of what that meant was  not clear until just now).

Perception is Reality

Our earthly reality is just one region of reality (one plane of existence, one dimension, one world) but there are several other planes of existence, dimension and worlds that exist ( i.e. astral plane, mental plane, buddhic plane, spiritual plane, etc.). More important, there are several other reality’s where WE exist. I’ll let that sink in. (insert creepy, horror music).

So, I suppose one important question is: on which plane of reality does our true self exist because this holographic image of who we are as humans on Earth is not our true self (but a reflection). For some this might create fear or confusion, which I can definitely understand if this is your first time wrestling with this truth. But For me, this information is empowering because if my Avatar is in any way displeasing to me or not quite aligned with my highest perception of who “I AM” then (I imagine that) “my higher self” who exists on an alternate plane of reality is able to manifest change (on my behalf) in this reality. Basically, I (and my Infinite I) have unlimited power to create change in my physical reality, making me LIMITLESS, by nature. Without understanding this (that we are multidimensional beings), we are left in seemingly hopeless situations (here on earth); situations that are subject to only what we can perceive with our limited, 5 senses. This makes us limited by nature. If there is no higher state of consciousness that we can access (whether that is in the form of God, Jesus, Oludamare, The Orisha, Ancestor Power, Spirit Guides, our higher self, or whatever) then when we experience traumatic moments or even moments where we feel weak in our earthly reality, we’ll be unable to raise our vibration high enough to transcend the problems of this world. Being unaware of how to raise our vibration after trauma is experienced will eventually lead to our energy centers becoming blocked and our energetic vibration slowing down more and more over time; leading to the ultimate balancing of energy known to us as body death/dying.

So, what are humans? Well, THAT my friend depends on the level of consciousness of the human. For humans who are still “asleep” to their divine nature we are limited. But for those of us who are “awake” to our multidimensional selves… we are unique energy signatures with limitless power.

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