Throat Chakra Basics

Throat Chakra

“I Hear, I Speak”

Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha (purification)

Color: Blue

Location: In the neck/throat area (between the third and fifth cervical vertebrae)

Faculty: Sound (vibration), voice

Physically governs: throat, neck, jaw, thryroid, mentstrual cycle, arms, digestive tract, vocal chords, ears, nose, mouth

Glands: Thyroid and Parathyroid

Planet: Mercury

Astrology: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius

Crystals/Gems/Stones: Aquaramarine, Turquoise, FLuorite, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Alexandrite

Oils: Frankincense, Ylang ylang, chamomile, peppermint, geranium

Deities:  Tehuti/Thoth, Orunmila (Africa), Shakini, Shakti, Saraswati (India), Hermes, Mercury (Europe) and All that relate to divinateion and oracles (mythology).

Main Function

The throat chakra is our communication energy center and one of its main function is to offer us a direct connection to Spirit; once we arrive to Earth its important that a line of communication remain open and this is possible via this chakra centre (if energy is not blocked). The throat chakra acts a two-way tunnel for Ether to flow between the non physical realm and our 3D physical world. supporting communication between humans and Spirit.  In addition to facilitating communication between realms, this chakra supports us as we “speak things into existence” (everything that exists in our physical world first began forming in the non physical realm, as pure vibrational sound- someone vibrated it into existence). Opening the throat chakra and resonating fully with the ether element helps us to reconnect and communicate with our Higher Self, our Ancestors and the Collective Unconscious.

As for the role of the throat chakra in our day-to-day physical world, it supports us as we master areas of our lives such as self-expression, honesty, willpower, creativity, sound and the exchange of communication. Below are signs  of an imbalance and a balanced throat chakra:

Signs of Imbalance

During early childhood years we are each met with challenges to include social problems, family related problems and issues at school which lead to difficulties remaining connected to Self. When our connection to Self or our connection to Source is not nurtured it leads to disconnection to our power source. Depending on how traumatic a persons early childhood is, they will most likely begin to hold negative energy (emotions, memories, beliefs) in their root, sacral, solar plexus, or heart chakra. Since these are the “personal chakras” they help us to govern our earthly existence and so holding negative energy in these centres will create imbalances within our earthly connections and environments. When energy is blocked to the personal chakras it creates blockages within the throat chakra which can often manifest as:

  1. Stuttering
  2. Fear of Speaking
  3. Fear of self-expression
  4. Disorders in the physical organ governed by this chakra such as having a sore throat or tonsillitis
  5. Inability to express yourself
  6. Feeling unable to communicate effectively
  7. Speaking abruptly and with anger
  8. Gossiping
  9. Needing to be centre of attention
  10. Being a “chatterbox”- having a constant need to talk
  11. Worried about ‘silences’
  12. Lying
  13. Self betrayal
  14. Ignoring your will and inner voice
  15. Fears about being judged
  16. Feeling unworthy of being listened to
  17. Problems with ‘self talk’
  18. Quiet, timid, weak voice
  19. Not being honest and speaking out
  20. Not expressing yourself creatively

Signs of Balance

Some one who has a balanced throat chakra will:

  1. Clear, confident speech and voice
  2. Ability to express self, cry, laugh, joy
  3. Listening to intuition and inner voice
  4. Sense of integrity
  5. Expressing creativity
  6. Ability to communicate with ease
  7. Expressing will freely
  8. Listening to other people
  9. Speaking your truth
  10. Being honest and open about how you feel
  11. Confident in self-expression
  12. Calm and Patient Speech
  13. Accepting, Trusting and acting on inner guidance
  14. Feel free and willing to voice your opinion
  15. Standing up for yourself
  16. Processing and transforming emotions through creative expression
  17. Sense of pride in what you say
  18. Believing your words are worth listening to


The element of ether flows through the throat chakra. This is an element that allows the other elements the space they need to move and flow. Ether is a vibrational field that unites all the elements providing them with the space they need for moving and flowing. Click here to learn more about the element of Ether >>>>

Need Help Balancing Your Energy?

Energy Balancing helps us to clear and purge old energy (i.e. anger, pain, worry, self doubt and more). Once balanced, the energy centers are also where we gain access to our powers which include healing ourselves from all illness, manifesting our intentions quickly,  attracting loving relationships, attracting fulfilling careers, as well as, tapping into our psychic abilities such clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

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