The Element of ETHER

Ether is a vibrational field that unites all the elements (air, fire, water, and earth). The best way I can think to describe ether is to call it “space” or “time”.  From ether all things are created. It is the blank slate on which all of creation begins, as well as, the essence of what flows through all creation. Theologically speaking, Ether is the breath of God which breathes life into existence. Ether is what exists before matter forms. Ether is the silence before noise is created. Ether is a precursor to memory, holding no actual memory itself but helping us to access memories from the universal experience.

Ether is filtered through the 3rd dimensional interface that we call the brain which makes up YOU. Before being filtered through our individual, personal brain Ether is pure spirit. Because we exist in a 3rd dimensional reality, each of us have access to a certain level of intelligence and “spiritual knowing” which is a result of how much ether is filtered through our individual brains. However, as we ascend to higher dimensions we release more and more limitations to include our brains capacity to connect with the unfiltered universal mind, also known as the collective unconscious (or the sacred akashic records). Connecting with this universal mind gives us access to memories and experiences from not only our individual past lives but also the past life of every being who was every created on the planet.

Everything is energy including each being created (each being is a unique energy signature). Energy cannot be destroyed and so when our soul (our unique energy signature) leaves our physical body’s “on this side of the veil” it continues on and travels to the astral plane where it continues to remain in existence.  The  memories and experiences of all creation (to include plant life and animal life) are recorded in the etheric realm that some call the “quantum vacuum” or time-space. Our memories and experiences are expelled from our electromagnetic fields (chakras) once our soul disconnects from our physical bodies (in linear time). This adds our experiences to the akashic library which houses all experiences and memories. As multidimensional beings we are elemental, etheric and spirit incarnated in human form with a brain and so we have access to this akashic library. We each have the ability to connect and exchange energy (information) with those who have transitioned from the physical world to the non physical world. The etheric field ties us all together creating a oneness across dimensions.

Ether flows  through each of us through our throat and throat chakra. The ether that flows through the throat chakra was present in the very beginning.

To learn more about the throat chakra and how to balance your etheric energy, click here>>>>>

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