What Does it Mean to Be A Lightbeing in 2018?

A part of my instagram bio reads: “of the Light”.

Like many on the planet, I’ve awakened to the awareness that I am a Lightbeing (or Lightworker depending on how you want to say it) and as such my primary focus is to help those on the planet increase their awareness of the energetic shifting that is currently taking place on an individual and a collective basis. (First, let me say that this is not the first moment in time where Lightbeings or Lightworkers entered a timeline for the purpose of helping to raise the consciousness level of the collective. There have been many waves of Lightworkers over many generations and many timeliness. Jesus is one who I reference often and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is also one. Jesus taught and modeled Christ Consciousness and Rev. Dr. Martin integrated and responded in the vibration of Unconditition Love during a really challenging time in history. So, I just wanted to acknowledge that). Now, “Light” equals consciousness or Truth. The more Light your body is able to hold, the more you are raising your consciousness level (or vice versa…I’m not quite sure which comes first “the chicken or the egg” but the relationship is a positive correlation). I am, however,  certain that as we each learn more about ascending from a dense body to a lightbody frequency we are reawakening to new perspectives on how to exist as a human race, moving forward.

Releasing Old Programming.

As a lightbeing, my role is really to just “be”. This can often seem more difficult than it sounds because a part of “just being” involves unlearning old programming that creates distortions in how we view ourselves and thus in how we express our “beingness” in this world. So, in other words…”just being” is actually quite a struggle, at first, because we are constantly battling internal conflicts between who we are “supposed to be” and who we truly are. So, at the beginning of many awakenings (kundalini awakenings to be specific) many of us go through a really disorienting period where we don’t quite recognize ourselves or the path that we are traveling. Its like, when we awaken and our third eye gives us access to more Truth then we can never really go back to seeing ourselves or our environments as the same. Things around us just look different and feel different and are perceived differently. For example, careers no longer feel aligned, relationships can also experience the same feeling of misalignment and our identities are really just in flux, changing as we continue to navigate the newly received perspective (truth, consciousness, etc.). So, THIS is the ongoing challenge that most newly awakened lightbeings experience.  Another aspect of unlearning old programming involves reviewing current beliefs, emotions and habits that are not aligned with our higher frequency realities that we are intending to create. After awakening and experiencing the abrupt jolt of our proverbial bandaid (of illusion) being ripped off we find ourselves knee-deep in energy that we can clearly perceive as contrasting (or conflicting). Before awakening, when we are still blind to the manipulation and the distorted views we hold, we don’t realize how unproductive and unhealthy our current beliefs, emotions and habits are. It’s almost as if we are so consumed with what our five senses are showing us in our outer world that we completely ignore what is taking place in the unseen spaces of our lives (for example, in our soul or inner world and on the nonphysical, astral plan). A lightbeing is responsible for sorting through all our beliefs, emotions and habits (with a fine tooth comb), learning the lessons attached them and then purging all energy that does not support the higher frequency vibration that lightbeings are dedicated to “holding”.

Purging Illusions of Old Energy.

The old energy (that is no actually aligned with our higher selves) is a result of distortions that we have been programmed to have faith in as a result of where we grew up, the family we were raised in, television programming, laws, societal norms, etc. Programming takes place in a number of ways and is really just a result of what we consume/experience within the different environments we frequent. Programming can help us to empower ourselves or it can create manipulations and distortions in how we perceive ourselves, our environment and the power we have to create change in our environments; our manifestation power. After our (kundalini) awakening, many Lightbeings are able to “see” through the illusions that have been created in our outer world. It’s as if we can see through the bullshit, basically. There are tv programs that subliminally reinforce messages about what will make us feel happy and satisfied and secure and as we constantly consume tv programs and tv commercials we are feeding ourselves a steady stream of bullshit which our physical eyes view and then our brain perceives as true. Once television has programmed our brain to believe that something is true then WE (who have souls and have the power to create this world we live in) unknowingly and often involuntarily activate our creative power and manifest the very distorted perceptions that we saw on tv.  A  Lightbeings role is to reclaim our Creative power by releasing all of these distorted perceptions that we have been taught over our lifetime (and that several generations have been programmed to believe is true). A Lightbeing must first sort through everything they ever thought they knew…it all has to be demolished and torn down for review and reassessment. Thats one of the reasons why most of us experience such a jolt when we are awakened …because we already thought that what we knew was true and real so to discover that what we thought we knew wasn’t actually the full picture is often overwhelming.  So, we sort and then we release what is distorted and keep what stills holds as true and then we integrate in beliefs, emotions and habits that are actually aligned with who we are purposed to be and our self-determined plan for our current lifetime. THAT is what many of us are currently doing: purging and integrating.

Holding Light.

Purging and integrating happens in waves so it’s not something that is a one time change and then THAT’S IT. With each eclipse and each galactic portal that opens (as a result of the way the planets align themselves each month) we receive energy to support purging the old (full moon release) and integrating the new (new moon energy). Each month the energy’s support us (some months hold different support depending on which planets are in retrograde, which are communicating with one another and which are directly connected to our specific natal chart). As we release the old energy we are able to establish what can be perceived as balance in our concentration. Trying to hold old energy and new energy at the same time creates an imbalance in our frequency which splits our concentration in half; keeping us stuck in old, stagnant situations while trying to create and manifest a new reality. This indicates that we are not holding a high frequency. Once we are able to release old energy which often includes releasing old, outdated beliefs, emotions and habits  then we have more “space” available within our lightbody to hold more light (or in other words to integrate more illumined beliefs, emotions and habits).

“Holding light” means being able to concentrate our attention (thoughts/emotions) and our actions (inspired habits) in the midst of lower vibrating energy. This means we are able to hold our new perceptions as Truth when others consider them to be false or illusions.This means being able to continue building a new reality even in the midst of naysayers and other contrasting energy that will surround you. Holding light means that you’re at a place where you have become the change that you will be ushering into your family, community, and planet. When you have become the change and are fully operating within your changed self (with tunnel vision glasses on) then you will be in a state of “holding light”. You will be consistently portraying a higher consciousness and a deeper knowing that is going to become the new vision of what our world needs to be. Just as peoples perceptions are programmed (for manipulation purposes) by tv shows and commercials, they can also be (re)programmed by positive, liberating influences as well… and THAT is where Lightbeings come in. We must transform into programs of Love and Unity so that we can faciliate reprogramming in others. Once others are reprogrammed to hold the vibration of unconditional love (for self and others) THEN they will begin to create from that heart space (as opposed to from a fear based, manipulated space).

Need Help Balancing Your Energy?

Energy Balancing helps us to clear and purge old energy (i.e. anger, pain, worry, self doubt and more). Once balanced, the energy centers are also where we gain access to our powers which include healing ourselves from all illness, manifesting our intentions quickly,  attracting loving relationships, attracting fulfilling careers, as well as, tapping into our psychic abilities such clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

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