Ascension, Lightbody and New Earth


“Ascension”, “Lightbody” and “New Earth” are common terms being used within the lightworker and energy worker community right now. Those who are in tune with the energetic shifts taking place and who are themselves experiencing major changes to their physical reality have begun to tune in more and more to what is happening across the planet. There is a collective awakening taking place across planet Earth.  Astrologers are pointing out how the planetary changes and transits are helping to usher in this change  on a cosmic level and “down below on earth” there are Lightworkers (ground soldiers) tasked to “hold light and love for the collective” to create change within the physical world.  Holding light and love for the collective involves opening to spirit, healing our imbalances, receiving and anchoring in a new awareness of lost knowledge and then responding in unconditional love despite the situation. Those of us who have accepted this role are experiencing the shifts to our physical reality just as everyone else is, except we may be experiencing it ahead of most so that we are better able to help others navigate through.  As we support the raising of earths vibration from a 3D to a 5D existence, we learn more and more about this ascension process and the symptoms we can expect to experience as we vibrate higher.


Transitioning from a Dense body to a crystalline, lightbody brings with it a number of physical, mental and emotional ascension symptoms to include some of the following:

If you feel like you’re ascending to a higher level of consciousness and feel led to change your health practices, eating regimen or other day to day routine then you should! If you feel more tired than usual then be sure to get rest (even if that means you taking a nap). Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water as this will support you well during these changes. If you feel like you’re experiencing any of the ascension symptoms mentioned above then don’t hesitate to use your highest guidance system (your emotions and your intuition) to determine the best way to respond to these symptoms (this could include seeking medical, professional advice).  Typically those who are being called to raise their vibration in these ways will begin to experience similar ascension symptoms as your body “lightens up”.

New Earth

Lastly, Ill touch on this concept of “new earth” which I now understand is a 5D experience that supports unity consciousness and the love vibration. “Old earth” is best understood as a  limiting 3D consciousness where we are only able to experience our world based on the 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing). This means that if we cant see it, smell it, taste it, touch it or physically feel it then we cannot experience it; that is the way of old earth. However, this old way of being left us prey to negative forces who used our 5 senses to manipulate our perception of our physical reality (via media, relationships, etc.). This manipulation led to our creative power being hijacked and used to create a physical reality/outer world that was filled with fear based thinking, lack consciousness and a victim mentality… leading to crime, violence, broken relationships, mass killings, race wars, and all of the negativity we see in our world today. This manipulation of our perception also continues to leave our soul in a fragmented state, detaching us from our divine nature (who we are as Gods and Goddess’), as we have amnesia.  The emphasis on duality and separation within ourselves has created an emphasis on duality and separation within our outer world, leaving humanity constantly creating ways to separate ourselves from one another based on race, socioeconomic status, location, skin color, diet, lifestyle, sexual orientation, political party, etc . But we are all one and have always been one, separation is an illusion that we have bought into due to having our perception manipulated by outside forces that benefit from us being divided as a people.  New Earth is a response to a need for change, a response to a need for the inhabitants of planet earth to return back to the love vibration and to unity consciousness. Once we can create balance within our inner world (within our chakras)  then we will begin to see healing manifest within our physical environment… for all who desire to raise their vibration to match the healed new earth.

I’ll write more about this soon.

Love and Light to all.

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