Your Current Situations Are A Result of Your Vibration- How to Hold A High Vibration

“3D Self: Dear Higher Self, when will I see my manifestation start to form in the physical world? When will things start to become noticeable and grow and give back to me what I’m giving to it?

5D Self: When you demonstrate the ability to ‘hold a vibration’ that is aligned with the vibration of your vortex then you will manifest what you truly desire and more importantly you will “see” with your mind’s eye the manifestation that is already in progress” ~Deneen

YOUR VIBRATION ATTRACTED YOUR  SITUATION. Somehow throughout the course of history we have been brainwashed to believe that the cause for our successes and our challenges stem from an external source (not us). I’m not sure at which point our “inner knowing” was hijacked and manipulated but I’m certain that it continues to remain “held hostage” for some of us. But regardless of the misconception that our conscious mind has been made to adopt, our unconscious and inner knowing recognizes truth almost immediately So, here’s a truth for you: you are the cause and the cure of your current situations. No, I’m not suggesting that you deserve the negative situations you’re currently enduring or that you in some twisted, self-injurious way you want to experience the pain you’re dealing with. However, I will say that our inner world (to include our mind, our will and our emotions) fuels our outer world (whether we are aware of that or not). There is nothing that exists currently in this world that you or I or each of us have not contributed energy towards creating). Our individual minds are actively partaking in the creation of the universal minds creative process down here on earth.  It is our thoughts and our feelings that create the matrix, power the matrix , populate it, etc. Our inner world (mind, will and emotions) creates the manifestations that we are able to see, smell, taste, touch and feel in our outer world; this includes the not so great aspects of our physical world like pollution, poverty, political chaos, war and a lack of value for human beings. Your current situations are a direct EFFECT of the vibration you’re holding in your inner world (mind, will, emotions).

LOW FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS CREATE TOO. Imagine that you’re dissatisfied at work and desire to transition out of your current place of employment to seek employment elsewhere.  You’ve been unhappy for months now (possibly even years) and although you’ve never really let “your work slide” or given anyone reason to terminate your employment you have felt (and expressed) dissatisfaction with work to coworkers, at times. Your vibration regarding your current job is low (which just means that your energy related to that situation is literally vibrating at a low-frequency. Your low vibration  which began as an idea and then proceeded to form in the physical world as actual negative feelings, maybe even a headache, high blood pressure, work related stress or just good ole’  lack of interest in previously enjoyed work tasks continues to worsen the more you express negative thoughts/feelings about work each day. With each thought and each feeling you begin to form words and string together sentences and stories that you ongoing share with others. From your lips to their ears each thought you think and each feeling you feel and each word you speak takes on the energetic color of RED signifying danger, toxic, negative, RUN!!!! The red, energetically charged thoughts and feelings and words travel across space from your body to the body of those nearby and turns their energy red (or even adds more red to those bodies that were already operating from a dissatisfied state, too). From those bodies that chose to receive your red energy, they go on to pass on your message of employee dissatisfaction to their friends and other coworkers and then to their friends, friends, and so on until the negative, red energy has spread enough to create an environment that is plagued with dissatisfied, disgruntled employees with low morale.  At that moment, what began as a simple idea has been crystalized and formed a culture shift within your place of employment (and other people’s places of employment as they carried that energy to their jobs too). That’s just one example of the possible outcome that your idea of job dissatisfaction could create in the physical world. Another example might include: after complaining (internally and externally to others) about how dissatisfied you are at work you then discover that your employer is eliminating your position in a few months and you will be released from your legal agreement. OR an even more common scenario involves you choosing to seek employment elsewhere by choosing to quit and end your contract later. Each of these are possible outcomes you could have attracted from the low-frequency idea you had related to how dissatisfied you’ve been at work. Your current situations are a direct EFFECT of the vibration you’re holding in your inner world (mind, will, emotions) or the adopted vibrations others hold in their inner world that they’ve transferred to us (but that second part is for a different post).

HOLDING A HIGH VIBRATION. Lets consider what kind of  “vibrations” we might add to our personal vortex. Your vortex is your personal “space” of possibilities that is powered by your individual mind; within your vortex are infinite possibilities.  Once you identify what your inner world wants then you have a better idea of what to add to your vortex. For example, if you want to generate more income then you would add a specific goal to your vortex that deals with ways to create residual and passive streams of income OR a specific goal that deals with you attracting a new job opportunity that allows you to generate more income.  “Adding” this specific desire to your vortex would simply mean that you use your air energy (thoughts, words, mind, actions) to communicate to the Universe what you want to create. However, communicating what you want is not all that you need to do to “hold a high vibration”… this is only the beginning. To continue to hold a vibration means that we continue to focus our attention and align ourselves fully with creating whatever we requested from the Universe. Concentration is how we continue to “hold a vibration” (this is the same if you’re holding a high or a low vibration; when someone is “holding a grudge” they are concentrating their energy and their attention on being upset with another person for a past offense. In order to “hold the grudge” a person has to alott a certain amount of mental and emotional energy towards being upset with their offender; thus giving away some of their power to past offenses because of unhealed situations/pain).

Can you imagine how much energy and power we are currently giving away as a result of past hurt we haven’t yet forgiven?!

Holding a high vibration works in the exact same way, we continue to alott mental and emotional energy towards our goal or our dream or whatever it is we want to manifest. We devote this energy on a consistent basis, not allowing outside factors to deter us or distract us. We devote this energy, diligently, until our idea or dream has crystalized into this physical world in the form of that new job opportunity or in the form of our happiness and contentment about our current employment opportunity.

STEPS TO MANIFESTATION (From an unknown source)

  1. Visualize what you want.
  2. Desire must be accompanied by emotion, it energizes the vision.
  3. Believe that you deserve it.
  4. Accept yourself with the new belief.
  5. Intend to manifest it with your will & focus.
  6. Act like you have it, like the reality already exists.
  7. Detach from any outcome & let it go unconditionally. Trust the power of paradox  & the art of allowing for it to manifest, knowing that everything is already perfect.
  8. Remember, you support your reality, your reality does not support you. The power doesn’t come from your physical reality  it comes from within.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharron says:

    Sis… this BLESSED me! I have been struggling with my vibration. Honestly feeling stuck! I know it’s mainly just my thoughts and I do have the power to change them. Thanks for this


    1. Deneen says:

      Peace Sis, I’m glad to hear that this post blessed you🙏🏾 “Feeling stuck” is a symptom of one or more of your chakras being blocked. I’m not sure how much you know about chakra clearing/balancing but it helps to unblock (or unstick) your energy. It’s worth looking into. I have a little bit of info here on this site and will be uploading more. I give quite a bit of tips and recommendations for chakra balancing on my Instagram (IG) page if you’re interested. My IG name is: woman1sh_intuition


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