“Heal Thy Self” with Spiritual Healing Arts- Intro


Healing is available to all but only if you understand how to move and manipulate energy.  Quantum Physics teaches us that “nothing is solid and that everything is energy”; it provides evidence that everything in the Universe is made up of energy.  Physicists confirm that a physical atom is made up of an invisible vortex of energy that spins and vibrates on an ongoing basis, taking on no tangible physical matter. Humans, plant life, planets, animals, and all other life forms on planet earth are composed of these same physical atoms which suggests that we are all just vortices of invisible energy that spins and vibrates, constantly. The only thing that distinguishes our energy from the energy of another life form is our unique energy signature. So, when we speak about healing (whether we are referring to healing the body, the mind or the soul) then we must first identify the root where we will focus our attention and that root is our energy. More specifically, if we are looking to facilitate healing within our life or within ourselves then we must work to pin point where the energy blockages exist within our bodies, our connections and our environments so that we can then move towards clearing and unblocking that energy. When energy is allowed to flow freely within our bodies (specifically within our chakra energy centers) then abundance, wellness and healing flow to us and through us effortlessly. On the other hand, when we allow our energy to become blocked then we create disease, illness, and similar circumstances.


As modern-day magicians, we each have the power to use energy in one of two ways: 1) to create flow or 2) to create destruction. Being aware of how you USE your energy dictates whether you create opportunities for energy to FLOW through you or whether you create OBSTACLES to obstruct the path that your energy is able to flow through.  A lack of consciousness will lead to you interfering with the way your mind, emotions, actions and spirit work together which will ultimately interfere with your energy flow.  When we are not aware of our own energy and how it works within the vibration of other energy then we end up misusing our energy which blocks the flow and leads to mental blockages, physical blockages, spiritual blockages and blockages between ourselves and others. Some of you reading this might automatically assume that you are NOT misusing your energy because you aren’t knowingly or intentionally spreading negativity. But keep in mind that there are a number of other ways to block energy. Misusing energy could include neglecting to feed your body temple what it needs to maintain a healthy metabolism (or to maintain a healthy weight), neglecting to incorporate daily or weekly spiritual practices into your routine for ongoing spiritual development or neglecting to grow forgive  yourself/others from past hurt so that you can release pinned up toxicity which ultimately ruins your connections with others.  These are just a few of the blockages that contribute to what we identify as mental illness, mental health problems, emotional instability, chronic medical problems, poor social skills and general unhappiness within our life.


“Healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama therapies. These approaches combine artistic expression with psychological awareness and communication, and are led by Therapists experienced in both areas.”  ~Montiore

Spiritual Healing Arts include each of the above mentioned practices but then takes them one step deeper to also include the spiritual/ non-physical component that is  necessary to  invoke spiritual energy (aka Prana) and activate spiritual healing.  Without Spiritual energy, an important part of the healing process is missing. I liken it to someone attempting to bake a cake without using key ingredients; the cake won’t successfully reach the point of completion.  True healing comes from source energy that resides within each of us, flowing through our chakra energy centers. Each chakra, specifically the lower chakras, focus on different aspects of the four elements (or five depending on how you look at it). By learning to use the inner (and outer)  elements of air, fire, water, earth  and  SPIRIT , we each become physicians who are capable of healing ourselves and facilitating healing in others.


Learning to use the element of air to heal  requires a commitment to mastering your mind and strengthening your communication skills (specifically your communication with yourself, your Creator and your spiritual guides) which helps you to  prepare your mind to receive wisdom.  Having a clear mind by which you can set clear intentions helps to facilitate the opening of the crown chakra and the third eye chakra which connect you to a higher consciousness.

Working on the inner element of air might focus on the communication each of us experience as we dream, meditate and even pray. This internal dialogue can also include our thoughts since thoughts often turn into the words we speak to ourselves and to others. Working on the outer elements of air might deal with the words we use to communicate with one another within our external world, as well as, the way we physically move our body, the personal,sacred spaces we keep and the relationships we cultivate. The element of air is often associated with the heart chakra and so learning to manage the inner and outer elements of air for the purpose of healing will help to unblock and clear this energy center.


In Tarot, fire energy is most often associated with passion, sexual energy,  and in some cases spirituality.  Knowing how to use our passions, our fiery spirit and our sense of power are a major part of learning how to heal by Fire; I should also  add that the level of healing that we can each experience through sexual energy alone is VERY HIGH! Often times people misuse sex for reasons other than healing and spiritual growth such as:  to feed codependency, to escape reality, or even to oppress/ abuse another person. However, sex is just another spiritual practice that we each have available to us for healing and connecting.  Practicing sacred sex  helps us to channel our sexual energy into kundalini, spiritual energy, which is healing. Even those who are celibate have access to sexual energy (and most times they have access to “more” of it because they are supposedly not releasing it during orgasm; so they have more available to pursue enlightenment).

Working on the inner element of fire might deal a lot with this sexual energy which many connect with spirituality.  In addition, the inner element of fire often touches on our inner passions as it pertains to our creativity, purpose driven lifestyles and living out our souls purpose from an intuitive guiding place.  Working on the outer element of fire might include the use of fire for healing rituals and other sacred  practices/rituals. Fire can be used for the burning of candles or incense  to help “light the way” during certain rituals and it can also be used to burn sage, palo santo wood sticks, and other sacred items that help to cleanse and prepare a sacred space for Spirit. The element of fire is often associated with the solar plexus chakra and so learning to manage the inner and outer elements of air for the purpose of healing will help to unblock and clear this energy center. Also, sexual energy is associated with the sacral chakra; the chakras work together and at times, overlap in their functions.


In Tarot, the element of water is often associated with feelings, emotions, relationships (to include self and others) and intuition. When I consider water for the purpose of spiritual healing I see it is instrumental for healing the relationship with self, Creator and others in this world. E-motions and feelings are often a major cause of disconnect and discord within relationships (all relationships) and yet these are also another form of internal guidance that we each have been innately blessed to possess. Being able to balance your emotions so that you can clearly discern what you need to remain aware of how and how you need to navigate through situations will help raise your vibration.

Working on the inner element of water might deal with learning to tune into your intuition, releasing your creative energy or it might deal with sorting through your emotions to identify how you truly feel about situations. There are a number of focal points that we could address. Working with the outer element of water might include taking a spiritual bath, spiritual shower, or drinking more alkaline water; its important that we understand the significance of water and how it can be used to facilitate healing and cleansing. The element of water is often associated with the sacral chakra, the energy center where we experience love, sensuality, abundance and beauty and so learning to manage the inner and outer elements of air for the purpose of healing will help to unblock and clear this energy center.


Earth energy helps us remain fully present and grounded within our earthly existence. In Tarot, earth energy often draws our attention to our health, finances, possessions, legacy and other factors important to our earthly existence.

“Earth is the crystallization of spirit into form the densest of all elements. The quality of earth is one of permanence and stability” (Open to Spirit, 111). When working with the inner elements of earth we focus on the areas of our life that make us feel stable, secure and well protected; this could include your internal world or your immediate environment/connections. When using the outer elements of earth you learn to connect with nature by “earthing” (walking barefoot on the grass, sand, ground, etc for the purpose of drawing energy from nature) or by adding plants to your personal space. Other ways to practice healing with earth energy is by using crystals and stones.

This list is not exhaustive, there are many ways to use the elements for healing. Stay connected to learn more!


Each of us have the power to heal ourselves so what I offer your one on one sessions and group sessions that includes support, facilitation and education. As a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner it is my role is to educate you on the Spiritual Healing Arts and use them to assist you with pinpointing the areas of your life that are blocked.  Teaching you to disconnect from mass consciousness and instead “plug into” your personal unconscious and the collective unconscious so that you can access your internal guidance systems (i.e. balanced emotions, past memories/experiences, intuition, ancient wisdom, etc.). Teaching could take place in a number of different ways by using a variety of methods, however, the actual work of healing is done by you! For example, you might participate in a Tarot Divination session with me and receive a brief overview of the importance of meditation but if you don’t practice meditating daily and then follow the guidance that you receive from Spirit during your meditation then the healing will not take effect.




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