Beyond Woke


If someone encourages you to “stay woke” it might be because: you’re in some way asleep to the situations that are taking place in the “real world”, almost as if you’re in a dream state and somehow disconnected from reality. “Lost in La La Land”. “Your head is in the Clouds”. It’s possible that you’re wearing “rose-colored glasses” that are preventing you from seeing a situation as clearly as possible; you might even be romanticising a situation unable to see it clearly because “Love is blind”. Whatever the details, you’re being challenged or encouraged to pay attention to what is taking place beneath the surface of a situation; behind all of the distractions and the “razzle dazzle” that often prevents people from seeing a situation clearly.

I suppose the best reference I could give is related to those individuals who are either not aware of the injustices that have been taking place within various communities or those who have decided to turn a blind eye to those injustices. I won’t even go into detail about which injustices are the most important because injustice is injustice whether it happens to a specific demographic or whether it is deemed small or large. But I will say that there are a number of problems that we experience in our communities that stem from our lack of involvement within our society. It is our responsibility as active members in our community to pay attention to what is and what is not taking place, what is and what is not operating efficiently and what is and what is not beneficial to the collective.  We are responsible for checking in with one another and ensuring that others are being treated fairly.


For me, I like to exist in a place that might be considered “beyond woke” which includes taping into the inner workings of this natural world but I also feel responsible for tuning  into what is taking place “behind the veil”. I focus on acknowledging the Spirit World and how it plays  a major role in who we are and what we experience here on earth. Instead of fearing the unknown and simply trusting the stories that I’ve learned at bible study and Sunday School, I’m interested in actually learning more about the ancestor power that we have readily accessible to us for guidance and self-healing purposes. I’m interested in learning more about where we transition to after we leave our earthly bodies and what we consist of prior to entering these earthly bodies. I’m intrigued by the self-sustaining strength that we each possess when it comes to healing ourselves and restoring what has been lost as a result of our interactions here on earth. I’m definitely interested in past life regression and how our previous life cycles are precursors for our current existence here on earth which is why we often feel as though we’ve been somewhere before (Deja Vu) or we’ve met a person before or that we are just reawakening an aspect of ourselves that has been lying dormant. Chakras and akashic records and all of that “next level” stuff are where I reside, currently, in my studies.

On the one hand, it makes some people uncomfortable to know that there are those of us who exists in a place that is considered beyond conscious and then on the other hand, it seems comforting to certain people to know that there are human guides they can consult for clarity regarding certain situations. I believe that in times of confusion and just times of extreme change people will be looking for answers related to these topics and will want to receive guidance and insight as they attempt to navigate through tough situations. I consider myself someone who is quite comfortable running ahead a bit to see what is coming next and then creating messages and processes to help navigate others through the change. Because one thing that is for certain is that change is inevitable.

There are certain spiritual leaders (who work inside the church and outside of the church) who are able to divine messages from spirit, for the collective body of believers.  They use various forms of divination to tune into Source/Creator/God and discern messages for the people; some are called preachers others are called prophets and then there are a number of other titles that have been attached to “LightWorkers”.  And although we all use different tools to Intuit messages and we each operate by seemingly different practices, we all still fight for the same side!

It’s all about Love and that’s all its ever been about. If you’re focused on anything else, you’re missing the entire point.

Pay Attention.

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