Is Tarot Reading Considered Witchcraft?


I was asked the other day if I still believe in God and if I’ve started practicing witchcraft since I’m a Tarot Reader now. Naturally, I responded confirming my continued faith in God and  I also went on to clarify that Tarot Reading does not necessarily equate to witchcraft or dark magic (although it could under certain circumstances).  Growing up in “the black church” and having had so much experience being immersed in the culture, I’m not at all surprised at having been asked these questions because there are quite a few “no no’s” when it comes to being a “devout” black christian (note the sarcasm). I remember being reprimanded during the after school program (held at the church) for playing with playing cards, regular playing cards… apparently, playing card games like tonk, pitty pat and spades cards was considered demonic (who knew!).  As with any culture that relies heavily on christian standards and codes of ethics, there were/are strict guidelines for how one should and should not behave if identifying themselves as a Christian… I learned early on that anything that wasn’t the bible had the potential to be interpreted as a violation of faith. Now, all sarcasm aside, I have nothing against establishing and adhering to codes of conduct within a faith community; actually I find that without some type of guidelines you increase the chance of misunderstandings erupting. However, when the standards are based in closed mindedness or fear  or just straight up misinformation THEN things become a bit misaligned and I’m no longer able to hold myself to the standard(s).


There are a number of online sources (and other source)s that can really help to clarify the difference between witchcraft and divination (so I won’t even treat this blog like a term paper and cite any sources); however, I should point out that you may find that 1) there is a very “thin line” between the two or 2) that there may even be no line separating the two, depending on what you read.  There are many who are going to suggest that Divination (defined by Websters dictionary as the art or practice of that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers; including intuitive perception) is evil, devil worship… many! However, what you’ll also discover are those who have actually taken time to explore divination and understand its true essence which is rooted in nurturing and practicing the magic and power that exists within each of us which allows it to exist within this world…for many reasons. There are spiritual practices that have been in existence as long as (and in some cases longer than) the “approved” divination methods. Divination, like all other practices, has the potential to be used for the good of the world or to its detriment; it all depends on the intentions of the  Diviner.


I’m often confused by the double standards that exist as it relates to divination and the christian religion. (Now, before I go any further, Ill just note that I completed my Masters of Divinity degree program in May 2013 and so I consider myself to be somewhat informed on the topic).  I suppose what confuses me most is how divination tools such as Tarot Cards, Astrology, Numerology, etc. have  a “bad rep” within the christian community and are considered a negative method of divining messages from Spirit as if they’re some violation of christian practice. BUT then in many christian denominations a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is a required prerequisite for ordination to the priesthood or pastorship and most of these divination programs support christian practices that divine messages from Spirit such as prophesying, receiving revelations, interpreting  messages that come from a person who is “speaking in tongues” (this last one might just be a black church thang, lol)  and so on. In the New Testament,  prophecy (defined by Webster dictionary as a prediction of something to come) is considered a spiritual gift given by the indwelling holy spirit.  Other purposes of prophecy include instructing, encouraging and comforting believers. So, on the one hand divination is accepted by Christians but then on the other hand it is not, which for me creates a bit of a mixed message. It’s almost as if Christianity allows divination as long as the “approved individuals” use the “approved methods” under the “approved set of circumstances”. Unfortunately, the way our history is set up, I immediately become suspicious of those who forbid certain behavior. I digress. My point is simply this: if you use divination for good then divination is good (and the same applies if you use divination with ill intent).  Its more about the magician than it is about the “magic”; “magic” is “magic”!



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