What to Expect From My ASMR Tarot Readings!


So, I know that one of the first questions people will have once they read the title of this post is: What in the world is ASMR/ASMR Tarot Reading?! I, too, was unfamiliar with ASMR just a few months ago so I get it if there are some of you who have not yet heard about it.  Long story short, ASMR helps to stimulate the tingling sensations that trigger relaxation in the body, it’s a really great way to calm anxiety and reduce stress. This is not the only way to trigger relaxation and for some, ASMR does not elicit a positive response (believe it or not). Please keep in mind, ASMR is not for everyone. But if it is “for you” you will know it almost immediately after listening to this video (or another video like this).  If you find that it’s just not “your cup of tea”, that’s perfectly okay too. For more details, check out my last post about “How Learning about ASMR Completely Deepened My Outlook on Mental Health Treatment“! Note: My ASMR Videos are not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing serious Mental Health problems you should consult a medical professional.


So, I’m super excited! Beginning this month (July 2018) Ill begin recording and publishing monthly ASMR Tarot Readings on my Patreon Page for those subscribed to my page (and probably move towards weekly if requested by my Patrons on my Patreon page).  Wanna know what to expect? Take a  look at the video  below (be sure to PUT YOUR EARPHONES ON BEFORE LISTENING and turn the volume up high):




Need Help Balancing Your Energy?

Energy Balancing helps us to clear and purge old energy (i.e. anger, pain, worry, self doubt and more). Once balanced, the energy centers are also where we gain access to our powers which include healing ourselves from all illness, manifesting our intentions quickly,  attracting loving relationships, attracting fulfilling careers, as well as, tapping into our psychic abilities such clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

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