How This Weeks New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse Might Affect You!

“This week (July 8-14) we have new moon energy helping to propel our intentions forward for the next 4 weeks and we also have a partial solar eclipse which should help to add a little extra boost! This video briefly touches on some of the moons transits this week. I usually pull tarot cards for each moon transit to see what messages come through for us as guidance for how to best navigate through each moon transit.”

Need Help Balancing Your Energy?

Energy Balancing helps us to clear and purge old energy (i.e. anger, pain, worry, self doubt and more). Once balanced, the energy centers are also where we gain access to our powers which include healing ourselves from all illness, manifesting our intentions quickly,  attracting loving relationships, attracting fulfilling careers, as well as, tapping into our psychic abilities such clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy.

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