INTJ Mommy Goals for March

“There is a disconnect between the root and the fruit. For the past few years I’ve felt a pull to reconnect to my roots- spiritually, emotionally, and within social circles. This tugging at my spirit used to be less noticeable before I transitioned into the role of a root and birthed my daughter who will soon become one of the many influences in our next generation. This pull that I feel is loud and clear now and its calling me to let wellness in, let the Light in and let the Love-energy flow freely through me.  This March, my goals were focused on HOW to operate within my calling as a Healer and Wellness Guide…the Universe is restoring the earth; raising up females who are not afraid to heal themselves and others ~Deneen, INTJMommypreneur”

My goals for the month of March were:

 Create community; one in which I feel supported.

Create consistency in my diet and exercise regimen

Create consistency in my home, finances and emotions

Create consistency in my spiritual practices (attend my Sacred Woman, begin ‘Be Your Own Oracle’ class, and continue studying Yoruba Religious concepts)

♥ Partner with driven female entrepreneurs to bring quality services to clients while also balancing our lives. 

Create a plan for multiple streams of income 

Create a  consistent schedule for Xoes homeschooling to include hands on learning, structured time and “field trips”. 

Heal in love with all of my Lovers/Beloveds

Practice yoga consistently which for me means at least 4-5 days per week. 

Lighten up this heart of mine and have more fun. 

March 03, 2018

My Sacred Woman journey towards wellness is a huge step in the right direction – “The power is with the one who knows”—- and now I know so others will soon know. Life begins and is sustained by the Womb. 

march 06, 2018

Learning to trust my intuition, for me, means relaxing into my own believes and accepting my internal compass as always pointing to RIGHT! Intuition isn’t the response to something or a follower  of something, it’s the leader. Intuition is the trend-setter, the 1st, the Alpha… There are somethings intuition will reveal to me that have not yet manifested in the natural just yet.. .so there won’t always be”proof”  (which scares thee hell out of me and my logic, lol). 

Tarot reading is helping me to fine tune my intuition so that when I know something, I really KNOW it. I’ve got a ways to go because this part of me is so underdeveloped but its the most familiar part of me too (Ironic, right?).  My intuition is my lifeline to my Divine Mother/Father Creator reminiscent of familiar sounds of home, only I don’t know the language…yet! 

march 12, 2018

Stretching and moving my body daily, exercising my spirit and my spiritual mind, growing in discipline, intentionally (amongst other things). I’m pursuing my best self and am feeling so well cared for despite others choosing to give to me or not. ♥

march 16, 2018

Sitting here trying to meditate on some of these womb questions on pages 50-51 in my Sacred Woman book but my mind is a bit unfocused and cloudy. Think Ill practice some yoga while I think and meditate. … (later that day) this mornings yoga meditation was really exciting! I held my head stand with some control! I’ve been struggling with how to get into an official head stand without using the wall and today something just said “try starting from the seated angle” and VIOLA! I was inverted and holding it without the wall!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ The beginnings of a beautiful relationship has begun. Hello there, head stand. 

march 21, 2018

This morning I meditated in mummy pose; we practiced this pose on Monday during yoga class. I felt a pull to lay in this (morbidly profound) position this morning as I prayed to my unconditional Lover and asked for healing for my womb. It felt aligned; it almost felt as if the pose I was praying in symbolized my current state of death and rebirth. I’m in a place unlike any place I’ve ever been before—a place of emotional balance in the deepest, most spiritual way. I’m healing (although I sense I have  a ways to go). So, I’m adopting the “path of least resistance” as the way for me, for now. It use to be that I would make shit happen and determine the flow regardless of resistance. Today and for the remainder of this of March/April 2018 Mercury Retrograde, Im choosing the path of least resistance and swimming lazy River style as I allow the current to drift me downstream. I’m going to allow my spirit guides to lead me into/ toward the path they believe is best for me and… 

I will not resist. 

I will not resist. 

I will not resist. 


MARCH 22, 2018

I’m learning to trust my intuition  meaning listen to its guidance and trust that its guiding me towards my highest good (even when I don’t understand and I can’t see the outcome). This was something my “Be Your Own Oracle” Instructor encouraged us about last night–the Universe has been blessing me with so much natural support over the few months especially this year. I’m truly thankful and grateful. 

In other news, my “Be Your Own Oracle” Instructor gave us the task to study our birth chart and natal reports to learn more about our high days and other important things about myself that I can learn through “the stars” (astrology). So far I’ve learned that I’m a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, and Virgo Rising.  

march 23, 2018

The roots of my 2nd plant, Trudy, turned dark brown a few days ago… last night I was all concerned and jumped online to research the possible reasons. Google taught me that plants that are over watered have roots that turn brown or in other words brown roots indicate over water. … 

My takeaway? Everything in moderation, even those things that are life-giving. 

march 26, 2018

This morning I’m waking up in New Jersey- E and I attended the wedding of one of my Spiritual Mentors from childhood and everything was perfectly executed and magical. But anyway, what I was originally saying was that I woke up in New Jersey so my morning Sacred Woman practices were a bit modified this a.m. I still awoke between the hours of 4am-7am, the hours of Nebt-het, I took my spiritual bath (aka shower), anointed my temple with one of my essential oils, found a quiet space in the hotel lobby area where I could listen to some healing music (528 hertz meditation), read my Sacred Woman book, pulled a few tarot cards for meditation and allowed the crystals I bought with me to cleanse and heal and attract beautiful energy to me. I’m learning to be a Sacred Woman wherever I am, no matter where I rest my head at night. … now, time to ready Chapter IV! 

march 28, 2018

I completed my 2nd/ week 2 of my “Be Your Own Oracle” course tonight and I feel good about the direction I’m heading in- I can feel the building blocks forming as I learn moe about how to use the elements (air, fire, water, and earth) as well as divination tools to create and heal. I can tell that I’m still very much at the beginning stages but I can also feel/sense a “leveling up” in my near future. Each day I study something and I practice creating balance in my life. I’m merging my sistar circle/sacred woman journey with my tarot/bruja journey and am feeling extremely aligned with my higher self, as well as focused and productive. 

march 30, 2018

I’m feeling really disoriented about a few things… the full moon is scheduled to peak tomorrow and I’m guessing its energy is already stirring things up inside of me and preparing me for tomorrows energy release. I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube a lot during the past few months… another something that feels aligned with something inside of me. 

march 31, 2018

Happy full moon/blue moon! 

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