Lighten Up

March 07. 2018

I’m reading about the feather of MAAT. The feather of MAAT helps us/reminds us “to come to all our decisions through balance, righteousness, truth and harmony. Maat rules the lightness of the heart through the feather” (Pg. 60-61 Sacred Woman). 

According to Khamatic tradition, ancient khamatics weighed the heart against a feather to determine the quality of a soul (60). Forgiveness is important (now more than ever before) because it’s the act of forgiveness (or should I say the practice of forgiveness) that facilitates this letting go process which helps us to lighten our heart.  So much of what I’ve learned over the years is  starting to come together! I’m beginning to understand things/past teachings on such a deeper level. Forgiveness is more beneficial for you than holding on to ill feelings towards an offender. Your willingness to forgive someone could be the very thing that stands between your soul being judged as “good” or having good quality… or not. (After reading this, I’m even more pleased with the name E and I decided to bestow upon out baby girl: Xolani which means ‘seek forgiveness’ or ‘please forgive’ in Swahili. ♥)

I’m still learning.

I’ve still got plenty of work to do especially as it relates to forgiving myself (and others) for mistreating and neglecting my Womb. I’ve been processing many of the questions on page 50-51 of the Sacred Woman regarding my womb treatment over the years and I can’t say that people have forcefully or aggressively abused my womb. …that’s not my story. But I do have a story and my story is one of neglect and abandonment (and this applies to both my emotional state and the state of my womb). From my authority figures all the way to my intimate partners and back to my damn self, we have all neglected my womb. 


By not taking the time to listen to her, not taking the time to learn her and most certainly not taking the time to practice loving her I’m neglecting approach decisions concerning my womb from a place of balance, harmony, truth and rightness (as MAAT encourages). And it’s so ironic that very things my womb needs are the very things I, myself, yearn for in my relationships with others. [Insert AHA moment here]… So, what does it look like to listen, learn and love my Womb? 

Listening to my Womb might mean/include: Paying attention to how she responds to certain people, places and things like food. I’m GUILTY of ignoring my wombs reactions and simply giving her or forcing upon her what I want or what another person wants to give her. Saying “no” is really frowned upon in this society. 

Learning my Womb might include: Figuring out what is best practice when it comes to my womb; learning what to feed her, who to permit into her space and what not to do. Listening to her will help her. 

Finally, learning to Love my womb might include: practicing love in action once I’ve listened to her and learned what to give her… the act of loving her would involve actually giving her what she wants and needs; avoiding stuff she doesn’t. 

I’m learning ♥♥♥

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