We agreed to Be Here On Earth Before We Arrived?

” I believe we choose the circumstances of our life on Earth while we are with the God- Energy before we get here. We choose the other souls we will interact with and we agree with each other before we begin the story, what it is each of us is trying to learn and understand. We set it up but when we arrive here we have no memory of where we came from. We’re blind, deaf and dumb about what we truly are” ~Pg. 240 | Tangled Expectations By: Cathy Assein.

march 09, 2018

Just call me Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) because the more I read and learn the deeper I travel down the proverbial rabbit hole!  So, if you’ve been following any of my previous posts you know that I’ve been in this sort of introspective place of heightened awareness. However, what you might not be aware of is that this increased awareness has completely turned me upside down, shaken me up and left me a bit disoriented (similar to the way I felt in my first year of seminary).  As I give myself permission to step outside of my fortress-like fortified comfort zone (erected over the years for protection from what I believed to be danger), I find myself attracting deeper insights related to private questions I’ve asked God over the years. Surprisingly, nothing that I’ve discovered over the past 1-2 years has really undone my previous teachings but, my oh my, has it deepened my understanding of the possibilities out here in this world. I’ve stumbled across people like Delores Cannon and now Cathy Assein and all I can say is “curiouser and curiouser” .

So, back to my original question: we agreed to be here on earth before we arrived?

Of course there is no physical, tangible evidence that we somehow make agreements prior to coming to earth and no one comes back from the afterlife to give us a preview of what is to come. But one thing I’ve learned over time is that “the absence of evidence does not make something untrue” and something deep down in my intuitive gut tells me there is more truth out here related to the before and after life on earth.  When I discovered the work of Delores Cannon several months ago, what she explained as “The Convoluted Universe” completely twisted my mind into a pretzel. In her work as a hypnotist Delores would tap into her clients’ unconscious thoughts and access their memories from their past lives. Wow! is all I could think as I listened to her explain some of the details of the before/after life through the memories stored in the unconscious mind of her clients. After having my brain squeezed so intensely by the work that she’d done, I made the decision to step away from her work and give my mind time to digest what I’d heard her say. But I was completely intrigued and (to be honest) I Knew that what she’d discovered was no fabrication.  It wasn’t a factual knowing as much as an instinctual, intuitive knowing … but it was a Knowing none the less.

Somehow the idea that we choose the circumstances of our life prior to arriving to Earth perfectly explains why I meet perfect strangers and feel like I’ve known them for many lifetimes ( I chose to include them in my story because I  needed to work out some things with them) or why I learn a  new piece of information that instantly clicks with something inside of me (I knew this information before and probably need to know it again). And then I’ve been pondering something that I heard years ago related to our children choosing us as their parents. When I originally came across the idea that the child chooses the parents, I couldn’t make sense of how this was possible until now. But now that I know how much of a role we’ve played in choosing the circumstances of our next life, it’s clear that we chose our parents to be our earthly guides (even though we couldn’t have predicted the life our parents would have created for us on earth as a result of their free will).

Most of us have probably been here before (multiple times) and have developed karmic connections with people and places in this lifetime. Through my studies I’m learning that our time here on Earth is meant to be filled with learning lessons and growing closer towards our Divine self. So, supposedly at the end of our life on Earth we have an opportunity to assess how well we accomplished our goals (which were first established prior to us arriving). If we choose to, we can return to Earth to resume working on learning lessons that we might not have fully learned during our previous times visiting this planet or we have the option to go elsewhere. Some of us repeat same lessons generation after generation and struggle to learn the lessons needed to break the cycles.

The catch is: we have no conscious memory of these goals we set once we arrive here on earth so resuming our lessons sometimes requires us to rediscover who we are and what our purpose is during our time on earth.



I’m just going to stop there for today and give you time to SELAH.

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