Learning to Trust My Intuition

So… I attended my first of four “Tarot Card Reading for Beginners” classes last night and can I just tell you guys, it! was! Life!  A few years ago I would have never been open to idea of learning about the Tarot, not to mention entertaining the idea of actually becoming a Tarot Card Interpreter myself. But here I am, in 2018, in the midst of this full-blown kundalini awakening or universal awakening or something! It’s like the more I seek healing for the pain that I’ve been carrying around, the more my old ways of living are being challenged (in a very good way might I add). I know I always talk about my upbringing in the christian church but that’s only because the church and its teachings have been such a major part of my identity for so long that I’d almost allowed it to keep my actual identity at bay.

Long story short, its EXTREMELY important to listen to your own intuition because its God-given and it is the only real compass that you need in this life. That intuition of yours (some call it your “gut instinct” or “your conscience”) is your internal compass which is guided by your Creator, your spiritual guides, (hell!) it might even link to your dead ancestors who can see way more than you can see and who want to make sure you’re living your happiest, safest, most purposeful life. Your intuition is connected to your past lives, I’m sure… those lives where your karmic journey began or continued and so in this life you’re most certainly dealing with some of the karma from your past lives. My point is, guys, shut out the noise and listen to your intuition because it’ll guide you in the most perfect way to your most authentic self.

I’m a spiritual healer/guide and have always been. Very few people are in tune with the universe enough to know that guides and empaths and healers exist, but we do! Now… that’s as far as I’ve gotten in my understanding of who I’m created to be on earth but I’m discovering more and more as I let go of the fear of learning different stuff (my time in the church discouraged learning outside of the box). I’m using my intuition to guide my steps (some might call it the God in me). I’m following its lead and so far in the past 6 months it’s led me to: astrology, numerology and now… the Tarot!

Have I thrown away all that I’ve learned from the christian church? Hell no! The bible and the Christian principles are GOLD! (Unfortunately, the way that christianity is often practiced is toxic but the christian faith is and will always be my foundation).  Have I thrown away all that I’ve learned from my family growing up and from my undergrad degree in Psychology or my Masters degree program in Divinity? No, no and no! I’m not in the business of throwing anything away. I’m a collector, you see… a collector of knowledge. The more I study, the more I discover the connection between it all! We, humans are interconnected in a way that would scare most of you. And I find it to be the most beautiful discovery of them all because most of us have felt and still do feel very much alone… but that can never be true.

We are never alone. We just gotta figure out whats keeping us from connecting in Love. We gotta learn to be more vulnerable  in this lifetime. “Squash all that east coast/west coast BS, Guys!” lol!

Love is the movement.


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