Let the Healing Begin! …. well, let it resume.

I’m super excited about the arrival of my Sacred Woman Book  and my Sacred Woman  84 Day Healing Journal!  

So, let me catch you guys up: last week my yoga instructor invited me to a sister circle gathering. There were about “two handfuls” of women present and out of all of them, I knew three of them. You might wonder why is it important that Deneen voluntarily attended a gathering where she knew less than half of the attendees. Answer: because I’m introverted in a big way and typically if I don’t know the majority of the people attending an event, I quickly  RSVP: NO! But the timing of THIS invitation kept me from responding in my usual way. This invitation, I felt, was a divine connection or divine timing. THIS invitation to THIS type of event at THIS momeny in my life felt like it was an answer to a recent (and maybe ongoing) prayer that I’d made to the universe (aka God). Partial Disclosure: I’ve been in a place of emotional healing and recovery for the past 1-2 years and have been recovering spiritually for about 4 years now.  (I MIGHT share the details in a separate post at a later date or I might not…remember, this is only partial disclosure. Baby steps, lol). For now, I’ll just say that my prayers over the past few years/months/weeks have been focused on a yearning for more consistency in my life consistent love in action, consistent support, and just an overall need for stability.

So, when I received an invitation to 1) join a sister circle and 2) begin the journey towards becoming a Sacred Woman, I jumped at the opportunity because my intuition was telling me that THIS was the avenue by which I would learn to manifest all that  I needed. For me, THIS was a part of the self-care that I’d so desperately needed and had been neglecting to give myself since becoming a new mother (and probably since becoming a wife, if I’m honest with myself). Ladies, you all know that most of us are self sacrificers by nature, especially when we take on the role of mother or  Lover. For most of us, it’s all that we know! Most of us were raised by women who neglected themselves for their loved ones and who rarely received the same care that they poured into others. As young ladies we are inundated with standards of perfection that encouraged us to focus all of our efforts on being “good” (to others). Our children’s books subconsciously taught us girls that we are to be sugar, spice and everything nice, our bibles encouraged us to be Proverbs 31 woman and our family passed down all types of dysfunctional images of womanhood which stem from  unhealed wounds from their past. What am I saying? We, women are rarely taught to practice self-care. We can confidently encourage others to practice it but we, ourselves, rarely give ourselves permission to care for our own mind, body and spirit. We are the glue in most families and the strength for most of the people we are connected to and yet we allow ourselves to get by on fumes, become burnt out and ultimately really, really unhappy.

Well, guess whose NOT going to keep that bullshit ass generational cycle going? THIS CHIC RIGHT HERE! (raising my hand with a FOH look on my face). If others deserve it, then I most certainly deserve it. I always joke and say ” I need a ME, for me”… well, THIS is my time to love on myself like I love on others.

Let the work of healing being in me. Let the work of healing resume!


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